Medical Gap cover should be an essential part of your healthcare plan.

To join Medical Gap cover you must belong to a medical aid scheme. And people with a scheme know that just having a medical aid plan is not enough.

There is often a gap between what your scheme pays and what the specialist charges.

This gap is what you have to pay, and it may run into thousands! You could bankrupt yourself for the sake of a small fee!

Join Medical Gap cover, or Pay huge Specialist bills

Specialists charge what they decide to as they do not fall under any regulation. When you end up in a hospital your medical aid will only pay the costs according to their tariff price list.

Join Medical Gap cover

Anything above this, you have to pay. The NHR Price List makes reference to dozens of Tariff and ICD-10 codes which describe diseases and treatments which don’t apply to specialists.

Affordable Gap Cover solves the Problem

Medical Gap cover firms provide you with a way to reduce your costs by paying the shortfall. Many people don’t understand the difference between a medical scheme and medical gap cover.

Getting to grips with what they pay for and what you must pay is frustrating. Gap Cover can save you an enormous amount of money, find out more here.

Only members of a registered South African medical aid scheme may get Gap Cover. No medical exam required.

Some other features of Gap Cover –

  • The plan insures the main member, partner and children if registered as dependents
  • Kids are covered from birth and there are no waiting periods
  • Once you’ve registered, you get the policy documents within a week.
  • On receipt of the premium, cover starts on the first day of the month
  • No new waiting periods are imposed should you change from one medical scheme to the next
  • Waiting periods for a new policy is 3 months

Affordable Peace of Mind

Anyone can afford Gap cover. It provides relief from the nightmare of medical bills you might have to pay. At only R160 a month for an entire family, it’s worth every cent.

All info was correct at time of publishing