Medical Gap Cover With No Waiting Period

Gap Cover is available to members of any listed medical aid. Further, there is no waiting period.

Insurance brokers designed gap cover to help members pay for the medical shortfall.

Experts often charge far more than what aid schemes can pay.

This is because the law doesn’t regulate medical costs.

Which Gap Cover is Best?

There are some great organisations that you can get gap cover from and not have to endure waiting periods. Brokers apply waiting periods to avoid people reaping benefits they have not paid for yet.

Brokers apply waiting periods to avoid people reaping benefits they have not paid for yet.

Hippo is a comparison website launched in 2007 which allows you to get quotes on gap cover insurance providers.

It will allow you to find a cover that does not have any or very short waiting periods. One such organisation is Africa Unity Health.

no waiting periodNo Waiting Period? It depends…

Waiting periods will vary from one insurer to another and also depends on certain factors such as age, pregnancy or life-threatening diseases.

There are situations which are prescribed by the Medical Schemes Act to not require waiting periods.

For instance, when a member is moving from one medical aid scheme or plan to another, and they already had gap cover, there is no waiting period.

Thus, it is vital that you find out what waiting periods will apply before you sign on.

No Waiting Period

With Africa Unity Health, corporate clients can register their employees for gap cover. They can do this for a very low premium of R50 per month.

To benefit from the waiver on waiting periods, the company would have to join the gap cover scheme at the same time as they join the medical aid scheme.

Any employees who then decide to join later would have to adhere to the waiting periods.

Universal Cover is a financial services provider who strives to provide solutions for their clients.

Their gap cover offers a waiver on waiting periods for clients who are changing from their previous gap cover provider.

Best to Weigh Options

To find more options on gap cover providers, you are urged to visit the Hippo site.

Indeed, the site is easy to use. We guarantee you will find it useful to be able to match quotes from many companies in the comfort of your home or office.

It removes the strenuous activity of moving from one organisation to the next seeking a quotation.

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