Making a Gap Cover Claim from Sanlam

If you have a gap cover from Sanlam, you might be required to be making a gap cover claim from Sanlam following a hospital visit. But what is gap cover?

While making a hospital visit is not something you will want to consider, it’s not something that we expect to happen.

Hence, only a few of us, are prepared when such an eventuality happens.

After all, it’s not nice to think about disease or injuries resulting from accidents. However, in the event they occur, your medical insurance is expected to cater for the bills, won’t they?

making a gap cover claim

Making a Gap Cover Claim from Sanlam

What most people Don’t know

To be honest, that is what majority of the people think, however, that is what the marketing behind your medical scheme led you to believe.

A good number of medical schemes will cover 100% of medical rates, while some will exceed to 200% or 300%. Sounds good, does it?

Nonetheless here is a sobering fact for you, medical specialist will charge 200% or 300% of the standard rates. Such that your health cover pays out your claim like its supposed to, but there will be a significant balance for you to pay.

It is a legal fact, and you can do little about it.

Making a gap cover claim

Prepare yourself so that you can make Gap cover claims from Sanlam

Luckily, you can protect yourself with switching to a more expensive insurance cover. Gap cover from Sanlam will at most cost you a monthly premium of R152.

However, if you feel that a more basic plan suits you, you can pay a monthly premium of R125.

Do I Qualify?

The joining procedure is not that strict, as you will not be required to give everything short of your normal shoe cover.

Thus, you must be

  • 60 years and below
  • An active member of a registered medical plan.

Can I cover the whole Family?

You can only cover your dependents below 27 years, on your policy. However, Sanlam considers other individual dependents on a case to case basis.

Wait out the waiting period.

To ensure the cover is affordable, there is a three-month waiting period for the general cover. If you have a pre-existing health condition or pregnancy, you wait for 12 months.

No Muss No Fuss Cover

Again, to ensure the policy remains as affordable as possible the cover is primary.

No cover for aesthetic surgery unless it’s prompted by injury or cancer.

Dentistry is only covered due to cancer or injury.

No cover for weight loss treatment, or gastric band surgery.

Medical gap cover does not cover costs that incur outside hospitals.

To cover, or Not to Cover?

The cost of treatment in South Africa can be daunting. The cost of a normal GP is bad enough, but when you get into consultancy fields, there above board.

With the majority of facilities requiring you to deposit a few thousand Rands before they can admit you. Thus, focus on your recovery and not how you will settle the bills by taking a gap cover, it is a responsible financial choice.

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All info was correct at time of publishing