Sanlam Gap Cover for Medihelp Members

Medihelp offers quality benefits to its more than 200 000 South African members. Indeed, they are one of the leading medical schemes in South Africa, offering no less than ten benefit options. Each of these plans has been priced and structured differently, and they suit South Africans from all walks of life. Medihelp likes to keep their customers up to date on their products and services. That is why they offer Gap Cover for Medihelp members.


You can gather information on the medical scheme through social media, their educational videos, or their call centres as well as their attractive website.

gap cover for medihelpMedihelp has more than 110 years of experience and renders their services from their head office in Tshwane. Also, they have several regional offices around the country, an AA rating for their claims paying abilities,  as well as an efficient claims payment system. What is more, their ten plans meet the diverse needs of all members – from their affordable hospital plans to their comprehensive cover options.

What is more, their ten plans meet the diverse needs of all members – from their affordable hospital plans to their comprehensive cover options.

Gap cover for Medihelp. Without it, Doors will shut

Medical top up insurance- or gap cover is a low-cost insurance product. Without it, you’ll never be able to pay part of the medical bills that your medical aid doesn’t pay.

Also, did you know that in South Africa these days, there are some specialists who will refuse to operate on you if you don’t have gap cover? They don’t want to risk offering any services which are only part-paid by the medical aid. Patients can’t afford their fees, but they know that with gap cover they can.

Anybody with gap cover at least knows that they have access to the best surgeons while not having to worry about settling the bills themselves.
If you are a medical aid member of one of the registered schemes in South Africa such as Medihelp, gap cover from Sanlam will be your solution to avoid these crippling medical bills.

What Gap cover can you get?

●Sanlam offers two medical gap cover options – their Standard- and Comprehensive Plan
●the Standard Plan starts at R166 a month and the Comprehensive Plan at R198 a month
●both plans offer in- and out-of-hospital benefits. As well as additional benefits such as trauma counselling, hospital cash benefit, premature birth, dental reconstruction and others
●both gap cover option cover the primary member, their spouse and all dependent children up to the age of 27
●to get medical gap cover from Sanlam, you need to be a member of a registered medical aid scheme.
●the maximum entry age is 60
●there are waiting periods, and there are also a few exclusions

Getting gap cover for medihelp from Sanlam is easy. They ask a few questions which are easy to complete. If you’ve got any queries about medical gap cover from Sanlam. You can call them at 0860 473 223 to find out more about gap cover.

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