Gap Cover for Liberty Health Medical Fund Members

Gap cover for liberty health members is quality medical insurance which protects you and your family when things go wrong.

The truth is, that no matter how good your medical scheme is. It won’t cover you fully for everything.

Indeed, there are flaws in the medical schemes of South Africa, and medical gap cover aims to take care of these flaws for you.

Also, without gap cover, you as a medical aid member will be held liable for those payment shortfalls that your Health scheme won’t cover.

gap cover for liberty healthDon’t Assume

As a medical aid member, most people think that their schemes will pay all the costs of their medical treatments, but this is certainly not the case.

Medical scheme benefits are limited to their tari­ffs, and experts can charge a lot more than that.

In fact, certain medical specialists are quite capable of charging up to 4x the MST. This is what creates those shortfalls or gaps that you must pay.

The costs of many procedures performed by surgeons can be huge, and Liberty Health Medical Fund members aren’t going to have these shortfalls paid for them unless they have gap cover.

Medical scheme membership is a requirement if you want to take out a Liberty Medical Gap Cover policy. Gap cover isn’t only for Liberty Health Fund members, but also for people on any medical scheme.

Medical scheme members across all schemes can protect themselves against these shortfalls with one of Liberty’s Medical Gap Cover options.

Gap Cover for Liberty Health Clients –

  • Options can be topped up with extended cancer, dental as well as premium waiver cover. This cover is optional. Liberty assures these costs will be paid in the event of disability or death. The cover pays up to R6000 each month for 24 to 60 months
  • the plans will cover the main medical scheme member and their family members listed as dependents
  • Liberty covers up to 500% of the medical scheme tariff when you are in the hospital
  • you’ll receive 50 out-patient procedures
  • no annual policy limits
  • Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMBs) covered
  • Benefits such as life support, counselling for trauma, road accident cover and more
  • Unlike with other medical aids, there isn’t a three-month waiting period

Gap cover for Liberty Health Members cover costs related to the certain medical treatment.

Anyone on any medical aid is eligible for gap cover. Gap cover providers have designed a product full of excellent benefits. To take care of those bills that your medical aid won’t pay.

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