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Health is everything and it is why so many people are willing to pay the high medical aid premiums. With Discovery Health Medical Scheme you have access to good comprehensive medical aid products and benefits. Contact Discovery Life about complementary gap cover.

In South Africa, Discovery Health is a leading medical scheme, providing health care to more than 3 million beneficiaries. Having medical aid from such a huge medical scheme doesn’t guarantee you that all your medical bills will be paid.

Gap cover pays the shortfall between what your medical scheme will pay and what a medical specialist charges. This gap cover which Discovery offers, is an insurance product. So it doesn’t fall under the regulations of the Medical Schemes Act. It falls under the regulations of the Short-Term Insurance Act.

Contact Discovery  Life – They’re Quick to Respond

You can contact Discovery above their medical gap cover by calling them on 0860 000 628 Monday to Contact Discovery Life about Medical Gap CoverFriday between 7am and 9pm. You can also opt to fill in their online contact form so as to request a gap cover quote.

Discovery don’t waste any time in getting you a quote as quickly as possible. With the details you provide, they will give you plans and prices based on this information provided by you. The quote won’t include underwriting and waiting periods. Discovery will work these out when Discovery processes your application.

Bear in mind that gap cover products are available to all members of Discovery Health Medical Scheme but not for KeyCare plan members.

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Types of Gap Cover

Fortunately,  medical gap cover which is such a critical part of having medical aid, isn’t particularly expensive. In addition, it is available only to those who are already a member of a medical scheme.

  • Discover Gap Cover Plan for just R90 a month allows you to choose between the Comprehensive and Discovery Gap Core. Your cover will depend on the gap cover option you select, bearing in mind that there is an overall annual limit of R150 000 for each person.
  • Their Discovery Gap and Supplementary Gap Cover is from R155 a month and protect you from those unexpected medical costs from injury or illness.
  • Their Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover is fro R65 a month and among others, this cover also provides home support as well as a yearly PayBack of premiums of up to 25%. The plan will also provides you with a lump-sum payout of up to R500 000 on diagnosis of those qualifying illnesses that have high treatment costs.

This gap cover from Discovery covers –

  • specific out-of-hospital costs concerning a hospital admission
  • covers shortfalls on approved in-hospital specialist claims

Contact Discovery – Feel Secure

Gap cover from Discovery is designed to help you face the medical costs you believed your medical aid would cover.

Contact Discovery because with gap cover from them you can at least have that security of knowing that you won’t have to pay for medical bills that could lead you spiralling into debt.


Apply for a gap cover quote by using the form on this page.
Add you contact details, submit the form and get your quote fast!



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