Where Can I Get Tailor-made Gap Cover in South Africa?

Factors such as age, lifestyle and your overall health have influenced your health cover premiums, but now these medical schemes and insurance companies are taking into account other factors so that they can offer you tailormade plans.

Gap cover companies are also jumping onto the band wagon. They offer customised cover so you don’t have to pay for cover you don’t want or need.

Misunderstandings About Medical Aid Coverage

Many South Africans who belong to a medical aid believe that their medical aid will cover them for all the medical expenses they incur. They don’t understand that medical aids will only pay up to a certain point.

Where specialists charge way over this point, they won’t cover that excess amount. You have to make a co-payment. For Tailormade Plans for Cover - Medical Aid Members Onlyinstance, just look at three typical procedures – an appendectomy, a caesarean and a coronary bypass, and what you would have to pay without gap cover.

  • Appendectomy – costs about R3 400 – medical aid pays R1,300 – you end up paying R2 000
  • Caesarean – costs about R12,000 – medical aid pays roughly R4,000 – you end up paying R8,400
  • Coronary bypass – about R40 000 – medical aid pays roughly R40 000 – you end up paying R13 500

Gap cover providers want to ensure that they understand what aspects gap cover clients believe is important and valuable. To provide the best tailormade plans for gap cover they aim to tailor services because they’re recognising  patients as individuals and they want to respond to these individual needs and preferences.

Who Offers Tailormade Plans?

There are a number of  gap cover providers in South Africa with more being added. Some of them offer tailored short-term insurance products which suit individuals and families. Benefits vary among them all and apart from in-hospital benefits there are extra benefits too.

Which one should you go for? It will be the one that tailors your cover to suit you.

Momentum Health does this, and as one of South Africa’s leading insurance providers, they even provide customised gap cover to students, who haven’t got a lot of money to go around.

  • Momentum Health gap cover for students in 2018 is just R84 per month. This insurance-type solution  for students doesn’t only cover shortfalls with hospitalisation but also some out-of-hospital. procedures Only members who earn less than R675 per month can apply for Momentum Student GapCover.
  • The Custom Option provides private hospital cover. You’ll find there isn’t an annual limit for when you’re in hospital. You can either go to any hospital, or choose to receive a discount on your contribution by choosing to use a certain list of private hospitals  – Associated hospitals. Choose any doctor and pharmacy for chronic treatment and medication.

Excited about what Momentum Health can do for you in terms of tailored gap cover? There’s plenty to be excited about and you can also opt to make use of additional products available from Momentum Group.

These voluntary complementary products range from a wellness and rewards programme to the HealthReturns solution.

For a  free gap cover quote, you can visit Momentum online and complete and submit their online form.

Or complete and submit the form on this page to get a quick gap cover quote


All info was correct at time of publishing