Custom Gap Cover Quote from Stratum

Call it what you like – medical gap cover or medical top-up insurance – it’s a high-value insurance that anyone with a medical aid can’t be without. Luckily a critically important product like this is low-cost. In addition, it will cover those high hospital costs that your medical aid won’t pay. And it’s easy to get a custom gap cover quote online.

Custom Gap Cover Quote – a Critical Necessity

Having gap cover is vital if you don’t want to go into debt that you won’t be able to repay. The gap between what your medical aid will fund and what the hospital costs are can be so huge that to ignore it would be foolish. Your medical bill, even with a medical aid, can run into hundreds of thousands of Rands. And, without gap cover, you’re looking at financial ruin.

Custom Gap Cover Quote from Stratum – a Leading Gap Cover Provider

There are many excellent medical gap cover providers in South Africa, and Stratum is one of these. For more than 10 years now, Stratum has come up with products that offer real benefits for individuals and families.

Custom Gap Cover QuoteStratum’s gap cover is a short-term insurance product for those people on a registered South African medical scheme. Their gap cover is for individuals, families and corporate employer groups. And their gap cover benefits are simple and comprehensive.

Stratum thinks of Everything

Everybody on a medical aid despises a co-payment as it actually prevents you getting the treatment you need until you pay a certain amount upfront. Each medical aid has their own co-payment arrangement but with Stratum, if you do research on their gap cover you’ll find plans such as their Co-Evolution which pays these co-payments.

On most medical aids there is a sub limit on some hospital procedures, so what happens when you need more treatment? It’ why you need medical gap cover from Stratum. For instance their Elite option will make provision for these sub limits.

Custom Gap Cover Quote from Stratum

Stratum offers different gap cover plans – Edge 200, Compact 200, Base, Co-Evolution, Access Optimiser, Corporate Compact 200, Corporate Elite and Corporate Access plans.  Each of these plans have different monthly premiums and a host of benefits which vary with each plan.

  • Their EDGE 200 option for instance gives an excellent start when insuring people against those unpredictable medical shortfalls. This is gap cover for individuals has an overall policy limit of R150 000 per year. A single person between the ages of 18 – 27 will pay R100 for this gap cover while a single person over the age of 65 will pay R300 a month. This cover provides an extra 200%
  • Their ELITE option for instance provides elite benefits that offer superb class cover. Gap cover for individuals with an overall policy limit of R150 000 per person each year. This plan is also suited for families and a family where the main member is 64 and younger. It will pay R355 a month. A family where the main member is older than 65 will pay R575 a month. This gap benefit provides an additional 500%

No More Stress with THIS Gap Cover

Each of Stratum’s gap cover plans have been carefully put together and customised to offer extraordinary benefits for South Africans from all walks of life. Stratum cover adequately takes care of your medical costs when your medical scheme doesn’t.


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