10 Facts About Medical Shortfall Insurance in SA

The truth about Gap policy in South Africa is incredible. As a medical aid member you qualify for the plan without even knowing it. Below is a list of the top 10 facts about medical gap cover.

Top 10 Facts About Medical Gap Cover

  1. Gap pays for the difference between what doctors charge you and what your health policy pays. But, in some cases, Gap policies will pay beyond that.
  2. It is not complicated; companies that offer medical shortfall plans have about three options.
  3. Specialized Gap cover providers include Zestlife, Turnberry, and Stratum among others.
  4. Gap insurance cover is not expensive, going for as little as R99 per month, you can get a Gap cover for the entire family.
  5. One can get Gap cover online, by just adding your contact details to the form found on this page and Zestlife will soon get back to you.10 Facts About Medical Gap Cover in South Africa
  6. Medical gap cover policies are offered by insurance companies and not by medical schemes.
  7. Since they work out well and removes the need of getting a more expensive medical policy, medical insurers hate gap cover insurance. However, there is nothing they can do since gap cover is independent.
  8. The government is trying to legislate laws that will put gap cover out of existence, as it attempts to move towards compulsory state medical for all. But, its inability to run an efficient and the popularity of gap cover makes gap cover to grow stronger increasingly.
  9. You can choose to have added cover for cancer treatment, which is a significant boost to medical insurance since it’s unlikely to pay for your full medical bill.
  10. You only require one gap policy for you and your entire family on your health insurance coverage.

So if you and your family belong to a South African medical scheme you can apply for a gap cover quote online here. Simply complete and submit the short form on this page.


All info was correct at time of publishing