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Zestlife Gap Cover Information

One of the biggest headaches for health aid members is the shortfall, also known as the gap, which is the difference between what doctors charge and what schemes pay out. Hence, Zestlife shortfall insurance takes steps to cater for the extra costs that arise.

The upper limits set by medical aids are only limited to Medical Scheme Tariffs, but doctors do not follow such rules.

At any rate, members of health schemes pay the difference. In other words,  members face extra costs stemming from the gap between MST and bills from doctors.

Zestlife Shortfall Insurance has a Solution to the Problem

It offers clients two policies; the universal premium Gap, and the Essential gap cover.

Who is covered by Medical Shortfall insurance?

  • Both gap cover policies are open to all health scheme holders
  • The standard plan applies to the main health cover members, listed as family members.
  • Individual health policies applies to persons under the age of 55 for both premiums
  • There is no maximum entry age when applying for Zestlife Gap Cover..

Zestlife medical shortfall insurance

In-Hospital Cover with Zestlife shortfall cover

The universal plan provides cover up to 500% of the MST for expert charges.

Out-Patient Cover with Zestlife Shortfall Cover

The two plans cover about 50 listed out-patient treatment procedures. But, while the universal package pays up to five times the MST for doctors costs, the Essential gap covers triple to what is paid by your medical scheme.

Further, both policies cover, CT, MRI, and PET scans and are not subject to any yearly limit.

Zestlife Premiums for 2022:

Zestlife 2022 Rates

Optional Extra Cover

Indeed, one more great thing about Zestlife shortfall insurance is the option to boost your cover to cater for cancer and dentistry.

Thus, these two crucial areas of health care often find members in danger of sudden gaps between the MST and expert fees.

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