Information About Sanlam Medical Gap Cover Policies

Most people have received huge bills for health treatments that they thought were covered by their medical aids. This is known as the medical shortfall; the gap between the final cost and what your medical aid will pay for the treatment. This shortfall can cause great stress – Even more so if you don’t have enough cash or savings. To defend yourself against such strain, take a look at Sanlam medical gap cover policies

Sanlam and Sanlam Medical Gap Cover Policies


For nearly a century, Sanlam has been providing top-quality cover, and today they are one of South Africa’s leading insurers. Their success is thanks to their forward-thinking nature and cutting-edge policies. And Sanlam’s Gap Cover is just another example of how they provide their clients with the best products.

Sanlam medical gap cover policiesSanlam knows that healthcare costs are constantly on the rise. That is why Sanlam formed Gap policies; to assist medical aid members who struggle with paying their bills. Sanlam now offers you the chance to bridge the payment gap and avoid extra medical costs.

The Benefits

Sanlam Medical Gap Cover offers a range of gains to help their clients fight the rising costs of health services. The in-hospital cover includes a tariff shortfall plan that pays up to 500% of medical aid rates. As well as sub-limit payments and a hospital cash plan to pay for lengthy hospital visits.

Further, there is an early birth clause, and emergency casualty benefit as well as a death or permanent disability payout. Also, this includes a medical aid waiver to cover payments if you are not able to do so because of illness or an accident. Sanlam will even promise to help their clients with Road Accident Fund claims at no extra cost.

Not to mention, Sanlam’s more wide-ranging Gap Cover plan makes provisions for deductibles. These include certain procedures, penalty co-payments, out of hospital benefits, as well as dental cover.

Sanlam Gap Cover is open to all people under the age of 60 who have medical aid. Sanlam Gap Cover will extend to everyone listed on the main member’s medical scheme (this includes children up to the age of 27).

A standard three-month waiting period applies before perks may be claimed. Also, this period can be increased to 12 months in cases where clients are already sick, and before maternity benefits apply.

While Sanlam wants to protect their clients from all kinds of costs, there are some exclusions. These include treatments for obesity, cosmetic surgery, most penalty payments and specialised dentistry

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