Stratum Medical Gap Cover Leads the Way

Private healthcare costs are on the rise in South Africa, making gap cover a necessity. Lucky for South Africans, Stratum medical Gap Cover is now available to help.


More and more people are finding that medical aid itself is not enough since doctors often charge up to 5 times more than what the medical scheme will pay.


With a growing gap between the cost of care and the amount that medical aids pay, people are looking for ways to pay the bills their medical won’t cover.

The Benefits of Stratum Medical Gap Cover

Stratum has been a leading provider of insurance products for over 15 years.

With so many years of experience to draw from, Stratum now offers a range of products. Which compensates for your medical plans shortfalls and provide cheap quality financial protection for you and your family.

Stratum Medical Gap Cover

Stratum understands their client’s needs. Which is why they offer a range of policies designed to cover the gaps in your existing medical aid.

Basic benefits of any Stratum medical gap cover include:

  • Tariff Shortfall Cover. This is the essence of gap cover, which is to pay whatever difference in cost may arise between your medical aid’s limit and the actual rate charged by your doctor. Stratum’s Base 500 policy offers to cover up to 500% of your medical aid’s tariff, thus ensuring that your medical treatment will not become a financial nightmare.
  • Co-Payment Cover. Most medical aid members must give medical schemes a co-payment before the scheme settles their bills. Stratum makes funds available, relieving you of the burden of finding a cash lump-sum before you can be treated.
  • Another popular feature is the Casualty Benefit. Because most medical plans don’t cover casualty or outpatient treatment, Stratum offers to pay these costs. Which means you can rest assured, knowing that, if you are ever involved in an accident, you will not be required to pay cash before you get treatment.


The more advanced policies offer even more perks for clients looking for added cover.

  • Sub-limit Cover. Most medical aid schemes have and annual limit on what they will pay. Others even have certain sub-limits on in-hospital treatments, as well as limits on prosthetic devices. Stratum offers to pay towards these sub-limits so that you don’t have to. This includes cancer treatment payments, which are strictly limited by most medical aid plans.


  • Premium Waiver Benefit. Stratum knows that certain wounds or illnesses, or even retrenchments, can leave you unable to earn an income. Which means you won’t be able to pay your monthly medical aid costs. Hence Stratum offers a premium waiver that will continue paying your medical aid’s premium when you can’t. So that you won’t lose your cover. Which means you and your family will stay defended in times of medical crises.


With all these perks. It goes without saying that Stratum Gap Cover is fast becoming one of  South Africa’s leading insurance options.

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All info was correct at time of publishing