Admed Gap Cover from Guardrisk

Guardrisk clients get cover that meets their individual needs and a range of products, including medical shortfall cover.

Guardrisk understands that having a medical aid is not a guarantee that you will have all your bills paid when you are admitted to hospital.

The majority of medical professionals charge rates that exceed the Medical Scheme Tariff Rates. That leaves the member needing to cover the shortfall themselves.

The Medical Scheme Tariff is pre-determined by your medical aid. It is based on what the medical aid believes that such treatments ought to cost.

There is no obligation on the part of the medical professionals to charge these rates, though. They will charge whatever they like and the shortfall will be for your account.

If you are a member of a registered medical aid, you may apply for a quick quote for gap cover by completing and submitting the form on this page


For Greater Peace of Mind

The idea of going into hospital is scary. The idea of having to pay mountains of bills when you leave is

Admed Gap Cover from Guardrisk

even worse.

Guardrisk Admed offers a solution for you – cover for those potential shortfalls so you can concentrate on recovery.

Guardrisk guards against those unforeseen expenses during your hospital stay that are as a result of being charged out of tariff rates. Some out-patient procedures are also covered.


Who Qualifies for Guardrisk Admed?

It is simple to qualify as long as the following apply:

  • You are already a member of a medical aid.
  • You are not older than 65


Get a Cash Payout When You Need it Most

Gap cover pays out the shortfall between what your medical aid pays and what the medical professional charges. The money is paid directly to you.


Waiting Periods

There is a three-month general waiting period that starts from when you sign up. During this period, you will have no cover at all.

There is a twelve-month waiting period for cover if you have pre-existing conditions.

A twelve-month waiting period also applies for maternity benefits.


Your Guardrisk Options

Primary Gap Cover: This is the basic plan. It will cover you if there is a shortfall when it comes to medical professional’s bills. Prescribed Minimum Benefits do not apply to this cover.

Admed Supreme Gap: This is the comprehensive plan. It costs R199 per month. the policy covers the cost of shortfalls when it comes to medical practitioner bills. It also offers additional benefits such as Prescribed Minimum Benefit cover.

Gap cover is an affordable option that can go a long way to easing your mind. When you or a loved one are in the hospital, the last thing you need to worry about is how to pay the bills.

Even worse is to find out when you are recovering that you need to scramble around to find the money to pay unexpected shortfalls. At a time when the focus should be on recovery, you will need to start looking at finding a way to pay up.


You qualify for a gap cover quote if you are a member of a medical scheme in South Africa. Please complete the form and click to submit. We will respond with a free quote

All info was correct at time of publishing