Gap cover takes care of medical aid shortcomings

Gap cover takes care of your medical aid shortcomings because even though you pay medical aid premiums every month, they still don’t fully cover high medical bills.

Medical aid Shortcomings and Why gap Cover is needed

Gap provides risk cover against sudden expenses when you find yourself in a hospital for illness or an injury. Gap cover is meant to help with medical aid shortcomings.

Not having good medical aid can prove to be costly. South Africans are willing to spend a fair amount of their income on health care. Many however are going into debt because of high medical bills that medical aid plans don’t pay.

Your healthcare Plan will Pay – But only Up to a Point

Medical aid shortcomingsIf you’re paying high medical aid premiums, why don’t they pay for your in-hospital bills? They will pay, but only up to a point.

Healthcare firms pay according to the National Health Reference Price List (NHRPL. The problem comes when private doctors charge way beyond this amount, you have to pay the excess amount.

Many medical aid members don’t want to understand how medical aid tariffs work. They’re angry that their medical aid plan won’t pay.

That’s because they pay out in keeping with Medical Scheme Rates, which differ from scheme to scheme, and they won’t pay more.

Medical schemes vary, and their policies aren’t equal. Some will include terminal illness, others not. Some have co-payments, others not. This is why you must understand what you’re signing up for.

You’ve got to be careful about the type of hospitalisation you choose too, because some ‘better quality’ rooms may mean you have to shell out for the ‘extras’.

Old means More medical Aid shortcomings

Medical aid premiums also increase with age, and they will often review the profiles of patients who are old and frail because these cost them more. So is your healthcare worth it if you consider the amount you pay, to what you receive?

There’s a Solution – Gap Cover

You don’t have to let choosing gap cover become a difficult task as there are many excellent gap cover providers. Complimed, Ambledown, Stratum and Zestlife are just some of them.

Gap cover from them is affordable too – you can expect to pay in the region of R330 to R600 a month for gap cover. Having gap cover can bring you peace of mind so that you’re not one of these unfortunate people who also have to put your house on the market.

Decide which medical aid scheme suits your lifestyle best and choose the right medical gap cover to supplement it.

Accidents and illness can come when you least expect them, and you want to know that these events will be paid in full – not by you but by gap cover.

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All info was correct at time of publishing