Gap Cover for the Main Medical Aid Member

The last thing you want to see is a pile of unpaid bills after visiting the hospital during recovery. That is why gap cover for main medical aid members and their dependents is vital.

Ten or twenty years ago, one could have been completely at peace knowing that their insurance will cater for all the bills.

However, times have changed.

For the purposes of effectiveness, medical covers are tightening their belts. They use data from previous years to determine what they will pay for your hospitalisation.

The primary challenge is that the set rates are not equal to what doctors charge. Thus, you must pay for the difference.

How to Bridge the Gap

Gap insurance for main medical aid members is a product that that settles what medical aids do not pay.

Admed will cover for the treatment conducted in hospital and some outpatient procedures.

The cover will cater for the difference up to twice the what your medical cover pays.

Thus your payout is dependent on the amount that your medical plan pays.

main medical aid membersAdmed Supreme Cover includes

  • Medicals consultants costs.
  • The cost if Co-payment or deductibles charged by your health cover.
  • Cover related to the expenses incurred by Co-payments
  • Cost of cancer treatment once you have surpassed your health plan limit.
  • Once off payment upon cancer diagnosis
  • Cover related to the cost of internal prosthesis
  • One off payment on long-term hospitalisation
  • Accidental death cover
  • Cover for permanent disability.
  • Benefits for dentistry if prompted by accident
  • Cover about emergencies
Admed Gap cover for Main Medical Aid Members Includes

If you desire something that is rather basic, choose Admed Primary Gap cover.

You are entitled to the following

  • Cover related to medical consultancy costs.
  • Cover related to the cost of co-payments or deductibles charged by your health insurance.

Do I Qualify for the Cover?

For you to apply for the cover, you must be an active member of a registered medical insurance plan.

Final thoughts on the importance of main medical members taking out gap cover

Gap CoverĀ is designed with the intention to offer help in paying for the difference between what your health cover pays and what you are charged. However, it not a replacement for your basic medical plan.

Gap cover is surely a valuable tool concerning financial planning.

Thus when a loved one needs medical attention, worry not about the costs that come with it.

Finally, Gap cover is affordable and can give you peace of mind when you need it.

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