How Much Does Gap Cover Cost?

Have you considered putting money aside for gap cover rather than just spending it frivolously? Or have you asked the question: how much does gap cover cost?

Maybe you don’t worry about it because you have a medical aid. Well, you ought to worry.

Medical expenses can pile up quickly, especially when you are in a hospital. And they do not always charge medical aid rates.

For you, this means that there could be a severe shortfall. Your medical aid will only pay up to a certain amount per procedure. Unfortunately, the rest is for your account.

You don’t have to forego your life savings to pay medical bills, however.

How much does gap cover cost?

Gap cover is affordable and covers the shortfall for you. That enables you to get the very best treatment without having to worry about paying for it.

How Much Does Gap Cover Cost

Here we are going to compare some of the top gap cover products.

Zestlife Gap Cover

Zestlife covers bills not paid by medical aid, including co-payments. does offer cover for some treatments that are classified as outpatient treatments.

You will receive  a lump sum if you or your dependents are diagnosed with cancer.

Co-payments related to cancer treatments are covered when you hit the sub-limit for your medical aid. This cover is up to a 25% maximum co-payment.

You can choose to add on extra cover for cancer and dentistry if you like.

Old Mutual

Old Mutual covers you and your dependents if you need treatment in a hospital. The plans cover both emergency hospitalisation and hospitalisation due to an illness.

Certain outpatient treatments such as chemotherapy, renal dialysis and radiotherapy may also be covered.


You may think that if you’re a member of a medical scheme you’re fully covered for all in-hospital expenses, but in many instances, you’re not.  In most cases there’s a difference between what the specialist charges in hospital, and what your medical scheme will cover.

That’s where Sanlam Gap Cover comes in.  Gap Cover pay for this shortfall so you’re not out of pocket and don’t suffer financially due to unexpected medical expenses.

In a comprehensive, first of its kind Gap Cover survey, leading wealth and advisory firm GTC has ranked Sanlam Gap Cover as the leading provider of Gap Cover for individuals and families younger than 60.

Sanlam Gap Cover information

In certain cases the cost for in-hospital procedures or outpatient treatment may exceed the base medical aid rate by 5-times. By taking out Sanlam Medical Gap Cover Insurance, you ensure that you and your Gap Cover Costfamily aren’t left with a large excess amount to settle.

There are Plenty of Reasons why You should consider Sanlam

The cover extends to the principal member’s family, their spouse and all children up to the age 27.  Families with cover on two medical aids need only a single Sanlam Gap Cover policy.

Sanlam Gap Cover is available to individuals and families.  General waiting periods of three months on all benefits apply and during the first 12 months of membership, a condition specific waiting period shall apply.  There are also some exclusions that apply.

For more information on the list of additional benefits and exclusions please check out the PDF document at SPF757_Gap Cover_Top Performer May 2018

Affordable Cover

Gap cover is an affordable way to help fund medical treatments in the hospital. All members of registered medical aids may apply. That includes those members who only have hospital cover with the scheme.

And it runs completely separately to your medical aid. You can choose a different company altogether if you like. It will continue even if you change your medical aid.

Considering that accidents or criminal attacks can happen in a heartbeat, getting gap cover is essential.

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