Talksure Medical Gap Cover Protection

For most people with medical aid, the idea of paying for a hospital stay is not a worry. After all, the medical aid will pay for all the bills in the hospital, won’t they? Talksure medical gap cover knows better than that.

That may have been so in years past, but it no longer is. And it is not that the medical aid is short-changing you. It is just that their payout depends on what they deem standard medical aid rates.

That could leave you in the unenviable position of having to pay a large chunk of your medical bills yourself. Going into hospital is a very expensive business, most South Africans o does not have sufficient savings to cover these excesses.

And while you may be able to make some arrangement to pay off the balance, it will have to be over the short-term. Leaving you with a large added expense in your budget.

Medical Aid is Expensive

Considering the amount of money we pay for our medical aids, it seems ridiculous that they let us down when we need them most. But what must you do about it?

Talksure Medical Gap Cover

Talksure medical gap cover will cover that gap in payment, so you don’t have to worry.

Gap cover will pay the difference between what appears on the invoice and what the medical aid pays for. It is a type of short-term insurance and is quite affordable.

Talksure is an FSP that understands that the medical schemes seldom cover the full costs during a hospital stay. While most medical aids will pay out 100% of medical aid rates, these rates are determined by the scheme itself and not the provider.

Rates can be double or even quadruple that amount and whatever the medical aid does not pay will be for your account.

Talksure Medical Gap Cover

Talksure is an established player in the market. It started in 2010 in KZN. Clients can call into the call centre for up to the minute details and assistance. They have partnered with some of the top insurance brands in South Africa and have thousands of happy customers.

Also, they also offer products other than insurance to clients that call in.

The gap cover that they offer will pay out when your medical aid does not quite cover the full bill. You can thus rest assured that you are fully covered when it comes to your health.

Some Things You Need to Know First

  • To get Talksure medical gap cover, you have to be a member of a registered medical scheme in South Africa. You must be in good standing.
  • Because of the classification of this cover, you are not able to include it in your tax deductions as you would with a medical aid. It is not a medical aid but medical insurance.
  • This is to be seen as a complement to your medical aid, not a substitute for it. If you do not have a medical aid, you may not apply for this product.
  • You can choose to cover any members of your family under one policy as long as they are members of your medical aid.
  • Standard waiting periods will apply.


If you belong to a medical scheme, then you qualify for gap cover. Complete and send the form to get your medical shortfall quote. Act now!

All info was correct at time of publishing