Gap Insurance for Topmed Medical Aid Members.

Have you ever thought about what happens to you if you land up in the hospital? Well, why should you, after all, the medical aid will pay in full, won’t it? No, that’s why you need to get Gap Insurance for Topmed.

There is a very good chance that your medical cover will not pay your whole bill. Yes, even though you have a medical aid plan they will only pay an amount matching standard medical aid rates.

You only find this out when you claim.

Gap Insurance for Topmed gives You peace of Mind

Gap Insurance for Topmed

We look at the term, “100% of the standard medical aid rate” a little differently to how the medical aid companies do. We tend to focus on the 100% part and feel secure that they will pay in full.

They, on the other hand, focus on the “standard medical aid tariff.” Which is fine if they charge you standard medical tariffs.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that will happen. Most doctors and specialists believe that these rates are set too low, and so they charge a lot more than that.

Which means, even more money out of your pocket because you have to pay the balance not paid by the medical plan.

Gap Cover protects You from Expensive medical Bills

So, what can you do to avoid potentially crippling medical debt? You can opt to take out gap insurance for Topmed, specifically designed to address the problem. This will ensure that you can enjoy complete cover with very little added expense. Gap cover is a very specific cover and the premiums are affordable.

A Gap policy covers your entire family but you must belong to a registered medical aid plan

  • Your dependents are covered if they’re listed as such on your medical aid
  • Most gap cover companies impose a maximum age limit of 60
  • A 3-month waiting period for general claims
  • A 12-month waiting period for any conditions diagnosed before you take up the policy

Gap Insurance for Topmed exclusions

These will depend on the level of cover you choose but general exclusions include:

  • Surgery related to obesity treatments such as stomach stapling or because of cancer
  • Cosmetic surgery that is elective rather than necessary due to traumatic injury
  • Claims that the medical aid has completely rejected – if your medical aid won’t pay anything, neither will gap cover
  • Claims that have arisen from not following the rules of your medical aid. For example, where co-payments are imposed for not getting pre-authorisation for hospital visits
  • Dentistry is not covered unless it is necessary due to a traumatic injury or because of cancer
  • Claims older than six months

Gap cover has become something of a necessity to those who take their financial planning seriously,

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All info was correct at time of publishing