Weekend sign up for gap cover here

Can you get a quote and sign up for gap cover over the weekend in South Africa, you might be asking.

Of course you can. That’s what websites, mobile phones and tablets are for.

But before you settle down at the weekend to get quotes and sign up, take note of the following:

Any weekend is fine to sign up

You can sign up any weekend because the process is automated

You MUST be a member of a registered South African medical aid to quality for gap insurance

The purpose of gap cover is to insure the hiatus (the gap) between what your medical costs are and what your medical scheme is prepared to pay

You gap insurance policy will cover every member on your scheme. So if you have a spouse and several children on your medical aid plan, be of good cheer. Everyone’s covered for one affordable policy.

Sign up for gap cover over the weekend. Use the form on this page
Sign up for gap cover over the weekend. Use the form on this page.

The cost. Okay, it’s really worthwhile getting gap cover because the monthly premium amounts to around ten percent (roughly) of your medical aid premium. So if you medical scheme premium is R5000 per month, your monthly shortfall insurance premium will be approximately R500 per month, depending on which company and which option you choose

Weekends are fine

Consider this. What happens if you land in hospital unexpectedly due to a dread disease or an accident? You will face huge medical bills, for sure.

Maybe you think, as many South Africans mistakenly do, that your medical aid will pay all the bills.

Not so.

By law, your medical scheme has only to pay the amounts that appear on their internal fee list.

For instance, if you undergo a procedure that costs R76 000 you medical aid may decide to pay only R50 000 of the bill (depending on the level of plan you are on).

The unfortunate truth is that you will be personally responsible for paying the R26 000 shortfall – unless you have gap cover, in which case your gap insurance company will pick up the gap payment.

Sign up this weekend

Use the form on this page to get your personal quote. Then sign up!

All info was correct at time of publishing