Diabetics take Heart. Gap Cover is Here for You.

Gap cover for Diabetics. Type II Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions around the world.

There are over 3 million diagnosed cases in South Africa alone.

Estimates say that this figure would more than triple in the next twenty to thirty years.

What is frightening is that only around a quarter of cases have been diagnosed.

Gap cover for Diabetics – controlling the Disease

Gap cover for Diabetics

This disease is incurable. You can control it to a large extent, but if not properly managed, it will do a lot of damage.

Most people do not understand how severe the disease is because the injury takes so long to manifest itself.

Problems that occur later in life include loss of vision, increased infection and organ failure. Of particular concern is that it causes nerve damage.

This, coupled with the infection risk, means that people with diabetes are more prone to injuries going unnoticed. Many times, such injuries result in gangrene that requires surgery, which most often affects the limbs.

Prosthetic devices are often required. Renal failure is another potential complication. It can get extremely expensive to treat the long-term effects of this disease.

Medical aid Provides some Cover

Diabetes is one of the conditions that medical aid firms are obliged to cover under chronic benefits.

That does not mean that they won’t impose restrictions. They can insist that you go to a network system of doctors and hospitals and may charge a big co-payment if you do not.

They can also decline to pay any amounts over and above the standard tariff rates. So, yes, they are going to give you some cover. But there are times when you will also have to pay.

Gap Cover for People with Diabetes

Medication for diabetes costs a lot. It is the medicine that you will be on for the rest of your life. A hospital stay as a result of the disease is also extremely costly.

If your hospital charges above the standard tariff rates, you are looking at a huge portion to pay. Most of the better hospitals and specialists do charge more than these rates.

Imagine being a situation where you have had to have an arm amputated. Not only will there be hospital costs but you’ll need physio and a prosthesis. Is your medical aid going to cover the whole amount?

And what happens if you have reached your annual limit? What if you need to go for dialysis treatments?

Gap cover for Diabetics

Gap insurance relieves you of the worry of mountains of medical bills, it pays the portion not covered by your health scheme.

You can seek out the best in medical treatment knowing that any excess is taken care of. And, you can take out gap cover even if you already have diabetes, but you will not have cover for your first year.

That’s why it is so important to start looking into getting cover now before you do need to use it.

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