10 Top Gap Cover Companies in South Africa

South Africa has excellent top gap cover companies.

Gap-cover policies are important to have because they cover you when there is a shortfall between what your medical scheme pays and what your doctor charges for an in-hospital procedure.

Gap cover companies bring you financial peace of mind. When you look at the cost of medical care today, you can safely say that medical aid gap cover is one of the most important insurances you need.

Top gap Cover companies to Decide on

A stay in a hospital can cost you thousands of Rands. Gap cover makes sure that those on your medical aid plan are safe against the costs of landing up in the hospital.

There are 10 top gap cover companies in South Africa. Some of the preferred gap cover providers are among others, Complimed, PSG, Turnberry, Ambledown, Zestlife and Stratum.

Compare – there are Differences

Look at Zestlife for instance which is also considered one of the top gap cover companies. They’ve got a gap cover product which covers everyone on your medical aid plan.

Their 2021 premiums are as follows:

Then again Complimed is also one of the top choices. Complimed was established in 2003 when they saw that medical schemes weren’t able to keep up with the rising cost of in-hospital specialist treatment.

Complimed identified this as an opportunity to create a short-term insurance product that would pay the shortfall between what the medical professional charged for an in-hospital procedure and what the scheme pays.

They also offer policies to people who are older than 71 years of age.  Most of the other gap cover providers put the age limit at 60 or 65 for gap cover.

Looking out for Older Members

Stratum, another leading gap cover provider in South Africa has gap cover which caters for older medical scheme members with the maximum entry age being 80.

PSG isTop gap cover companies a top independent financial services group who have been in operation since 1998. Their gap cover helps you with hospitalisation and medical costs that your medical aid won’t pay.

This is for when medical practitioners charge more than medical aid rates; then gap cover makes sure you’re not out-of-pocket.  They pay shortfalls, co-payments and other costs such as maternity and oncology benefits.

Admed is another top registered gap cover provider. At Admed they design their products to provide cover for the shortfall, or gap. In the event of that, you need to visit a hospital. Admed will pay up to 2x the amount paid by your medical aid towards this shortfall. Admed Supreme Gap offers a comprehensive range of benefits.

Other top gap cover providers are Essential, Xelus,  Sirgo, Jenus, Talksure, Liberty and others.

Medical aid firms go as far as they can when looking out for their members, but gap cover goes further. Get medical aid gap cover from one of these top providers – it can spare you a whole lot of despair.

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