Stratum Gap Cover – Avoid Those Unexpected Medical Expenses

If you are looking for quality, comprehensive gap cover plan, take a closer look at Stratum Gap Cover.

Stop believing that you do not need gap cover and that medical aid will cover your medical expenses.

If you or a family member are hospitalised for any reason, medical aid will only cover a portion of the expenses.

Many of the costs and charges are higher than the medical aid is prepared to payout. Without gap cover, you will need to pay all these expenses yourself. These costs can significantly affect your budget and savings.

stratum gap cover

Stratum Gap Cover Means Never Having to Pay Cash for Medical Expenses

There are numerous gap cover policies to choose from but what makes Stratum the best choice?

Stratum Gap Cover will protect you against the shortfalls that occur when medical aids payout less than the actual health care costs.

Medical aids only cover part of the expenses. Therefore, without gap cover, you will have to cover these costs which could be financially devastating.

Stratum Gap Cover is the perfect answer to insure you for gap payments.

You can add Stratum to any of the following medical aids, as well as others:

  • Genesis medical aid
  • Discovery health medical aid
  • Bestmed
  • GEMS medical aid
  • Hosmed medical aid scheme
  • Medihelp medical aid
  • And also Bonitas medical aid

These are all excellent quality medical aids but often do not cover the full cost of the healthcare provided.

They pay their benefits to 100% of their scheme rates which could be significantly less than what is charged. Without gap cover, you will be responsible for these fees. However, if you take out the cover, you will not have to pay these fees.

Stratum Gap Cover Benefits 

  • Cover is unlimited
  • Specialist and GP shortfalls incurred for in-hospital treatments are covered.
  • The plan will also pay up to 500% of the tariffs.

Over and above that, Stratum Gap Cover will also cover in-hospital co-payments including:

  • Pre-admission co-payments for in-hospital treatment
  • And also CT and MRI scans done on an out-patient basis

The plan covers oncology charges of 20% co-payments above medical aid’s sub-limit. There is a R 350 000 annual limit per policy.

Additional Cover from Stratum

  • Six months premium waiver benefit
  • Consumables up to R6 000 for in-hospital treatment
  • In-hospital pathology and X-rays cover up to R12 000 per annum.
  • R 5000 accidental death cover for the principal member and spouse.
  • Also receive cover for wisdom tooth extraction (in-hospital) up to R5 000 per child dependent per annum.

Underwriting Criteria

  • General 3 month waiting period
  • Pre-existing conditions subject to a 12 month waiting period
  • Also, 70 years of age is the maximum entry age
  • Pre-diagnosed cancer excluded.

The following procedures/costs will not be provided for in the first 12 months of the policy:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Hernia operations
  • Hysterectomy
  • Grommets
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Adenoids
  • And also joint replacement

In conclusion, gap cover is an essential addition to any medical aid to provide for the shortfalls.

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