Sirago Gap Cover Available for All Medical Scheme Members

Sirago Gap Cover

Sirago gap cover provides peace of mind because it covers the gap between medical charges and medical aid payouts.

It is a cost efficient and affordable plan to cover the unforeseen medical expenses without you having to raise funds yourself.

Sirago Gap Cover is a is a short-term insurance product that will pay up to  500% of the medical scheme at the rate that health care providers charge and for in-hospital treatments.

Unfortunately, medical aid and hospital plans do not pay the full cost incurred in hospital procedures.

sirago gap cover

Sirago Gap Cover Resolves Medical Aid Shortfalls Issues

The health of your family the main reason for Sirago Gap Cover, but we will name a few more reasons as to why you should pick Sirago Gap Cover.


  • Provides gap cover for all medical aids
  • Cover has no annual limits
  • Also, there is no maximum entry age applies for cover
  • Cover extends to in-hospital dentistry and optometry
  • This cover is provided for specialists such as pathologists, gynaecologists, anaesthetists, and radiologists
  • Also receive cover for up to 5 family members


This short-term product is the ideal plan to boost your medical aid and is available from as little as R115 per month for your family.

There will always be a shortfall between what medical aids pay and what hospitals and specialist charge. The only way to provide for this shortfall, so you are not left out of pocket, is a good a shortfall insurance policy.

When taking out a policy, there is a mandatory three-month waiting period, and any pre-existing conditions will be subject to a 12 month waiting period.

Important facts about Sirago Gap Cover

The plan does not cover the first 100% of your medical scheme rate.

It is a short term insurance policy designed to enhance your medical aid. It does not replace a medical aid or hospital plan.

Also, specific exclusions are applicable.

More Benefits of The Policy

  • Many expenses and fees are provided for at up to 500%
  • You can submit claims up to 90 days after the incident
  • It is the ideal supplement to any medical aid
  • However, no annual limits or excess payments apply
  • Shortfalls are a reality, and Sirago cover will protect you from that.
  • Sirago covers Optometry and Dentistry for in-hospital treatment
  • Plans covering a family are extremely affordable
  • Sirago also pays payouts for claims directly to the principal member’s bank account

Therefore, do not delay, apply for gap cover immediately.

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