Resolution Gap Cover – Taking Care of the Medical Shortfalls

Do you think you have sufficient medical cover for all medical expenses if you only have a medical aid plan? Do you think your medical aid will cover all of the hospital costs as well as all the specialist fees and procedures if you are hospitalised? Get Resolution Gap Cover, because Medical Expenses are not going to get cheaper.

The truth is all medical aids, no matter what the company or how good the plan is, will have limits and exclusions. More often than not the hospitals and specialists charge a higher rate than what the medical aid will pay out.

The result of this is a significant shortfall that you will have to pay. Depending on the type and length of treatment, the type of plan and the hospital and specialists used, this could easily run into thousands, even hundreds of thousands of rands.

Depending on the plan you select, shortfall insurance will pay out up to 500% of the medical aid rate.

resolution gap cover

Resolution Gap Cover Resolves Medical Scheme Shortfalls

As medical aids tighten their belts and decrease benefits, while quality health continues to become more expensive, can you afford to cover the shortfall?

The only way to afford them is excellent shortfall protection like Resolution Gap Cover.

Medical aid plans no longer cover all medical costs because private hospital fees and specialists will often be above their allocated limits. Without gap cover, you will be responsible for the difference.

The only way to protect yourself from these massive shortfall fees is a quality gap cover policy. Therefore, Resolution Gap Cover is the solution.

  • Gap 300: Pays up to 300% of medical aid rate, the annual limit of R1 500 000, R500 excess per claim.
  • Gap 500: Pays up to 500% of your medical aid rate, the annual limit of R2 500 000, no excess.

More About Resolution Underwriters

Resolution gap is a product the supplements and existing medical aid; it is not a stand-alone product.

You have to already be a member of medical aid to apply for Resolution Gap Cover.

There is a three-month waiting period before Resolution Gap Cover will pay benefits.

However, a 12 month waiting period applies to pre-existing conditions.

Resolution Gap Cover pays claims directly to the principal member, not the health care providers.

There is no maximum entry age. Also, the plan will cover a family of up to 5. That includes dependent children of ages 21 and under or up to 25 if they are full-time students.

In-hospital dentistry and optometry are covered as well as anaesthetists, gynaecologists, pathologists, radiologists and other registered medical professionals required in-hospital.

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