How to Find Cheaper Medical Aid

Nobody likes to waste money, and we are all trying to save where we can. That is why it in vital to know where to find cheaper medical aid.


If you are looking for a less expensive medical aid or, if you are considering cancelling your medical aid altogether, give it some time first. It is often not necessary, and there are other solutions.


Find Cheaper Medical Aid This Way


Find Cheaper Medical AidFirst, do not simply cancel your existing medical aid.


To get the best benefits, you need to be on a registered medical scheme.


You should, however, look at ways of reducing the monthly cost. You could consider a lower plan.


If you have one of the higher, comprehensive plans, you could look at dropping down a level to something more affordable.


The lower monthly premium will already be saving you a lot.


You might be concerned that the lower plan will offer fewer benefits and you will be reducing your cover.


Generally, that is true. A less expensive plan will indeed offer reduced benefits. The cover could drop, for example, from say 300% of the Medical Schemes Tariff to 200%. That is quite a significant drop.


If, however, you then get a cost effective gap cover plan from one of the leading providers, this should not be a major concern.


Consider companies such as Complmed, Zestlife or Stratum, just to give a few examples.

Medical Gap Cover for Medical Scheme Members

Irrespective of the number of dependents on your medical aid, gap cover will protect you from the shortfall between the hospital and specialists fees and the amount paid out by the medical aid.


Gap cover is extremely affordable and can start from as little as R 219 per month.


To summarise:


Select a less expensive plan from your existing medical aid provider. Straight away you are saving with the reduced monthly premium.


The next step is to purchase a medical gap cover policy to cover you for the shortfalls in medical expenses. As previously stated, gap cover is relatively inexpensive.



You will now have the benefit of lower monthly medical aid costs, yet you’ll still have cover for yourself as well as your whole family. Pretty straight forward.



If you would like to find out more then get your FREE gap cover quote, just complete and submit the form on this page.


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