Cutting Medical Aid Costs

There are numerous ways you can go about cutting medical aid costs. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

For one, take out a gap cover policy. Instead of going for a more costly medical plan, supplement it with a gap cover insurance policy to cover you for the payments shortfalls. Some of the many companies offering such policies are Jenius, Sanlam, Zestlife, and Stratum.

Try to stay with your medical aid company. Changing medical aid companies can cost money and there could also be some new exclusions or a waiting period. If you have to reduce expenses, try to change plans with the same company.

It generally makes sense to have your spouse and children on the same medical and the same gap cover policy.

It is always a good idea to get a number of quotes and shop around. Make sure you understand the benefits and limitations and compare the cost versus the benefits. When you get medical aid for the first time, do not take the first one you see. Do some homework and look at the alternatives available.

If you want to make changes, first look at your current medical aid. Decide what it is you want to gain from your scheme. And look for other plans they offer.

Always ask your doctor or pharmacists if a less expensive generic is available. Most medication has a generic alternative with identical active ingredients and is normally much cheaper.

cutting medical aid costsSave on Medical Aid and cutting your medical scheme costs

Make sure you are aware of and understand all the benefits and make full use of them. Many times, the plan offers a wide variety of perks that members don’t even know about. Take advantage of these.

If a medical aid is simply not affordable, think about getting a hospital only plan. They are regulated by law to provide a number of benefits and often will make a great alternative to medical aid.

Also, know the rules of your medical aid plan and call them first if you are unsure of their policies and restrictions. Failing to comply with their conditions could lead to unnecessary expenses that could have been avoided.

Additional methods for cutting medical aid costs

Another way of cutting medical aid costs is to select your chemist with care. Find one that is reasonably priced, is reliable and offers good service.

Also, phone your doctor. You can not get away with this too often but most doctors will not object to the odd call, which could save you on a consultation fee.

Consider the use of state hospitals. There are some very good state hospitals. Do a bit of homework, ask around and see if there are any local state hospitals that you could use occasionally to reduce costs.

Purchase the more basic medications such a cold medication, headache tablets and vitamins from supermarkets where they are often much cheaper than at the pharmacy.

If you are going into hospital for a stay, take your own consumable such a headache tablets, cotton wool and bandages to save on those costs.

Study the hospital bill and question all of the costs. Your medical aid will most likely be more than happy to assist with this.

These are just a few ideas to reduce costs on your medical aid. If you are on a medical aid plan, it is a very good idea to seriously consider gap cover for the larger expenses.

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