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Gap cover from Optimum ensures that their clients have full medical cover.

And financial services from Optimum ensures that their clients have a range of products from which to choose.

They offer payroll services, finance, tax advice, insurance, life insurance and medical aid plans.

The sole aim of Optimum is to ensure that their clients have financial independence during their lifetime.

Get the Most out of your Policy with Gap cover from Optimum

Gap Cover from Optimum

It’s no secret that fees charged by medical service providers can differ widely. Some doctors charge standard medical aid rates, but most do not. This sets the scene for financial problems when it comes to hospitalisation.

If you have reached your annual limit or if your medical aid only pays standard medical aid rates, you might be asked to pay a large outstanding amount.

And in the case of hospitalisation or specialist treatment, the unpaid portion can be quite high. Also, you may reach the limits on your medical aid quite quickly.

Let’s say that there is a sub-limit for radiology and pathology. A few scans later and you could already have exceeded these limits. You have to pay for any future procedures of this nature.

A further issue might be that the procedures cost more than the medical aid tariffs. It is standard practice by the medical profession to charge more.

Most medical staff believe that the standard rate has not kept pace with the increasing costs of health care. And they charge accordingly.

Optimum offers gap cover so that you can truly enjoy full cover.

Why gap Cover from Optimum is Part of a Solid financial Plan

Hospital costs can run into hundreds of thousands of rand now. The days of saving as much as possible and hoping for the best in a medical emergency are over.

What would you do if you needed to come up with ten thousand Rands after your medical aid had paid their portion? What if the total was closer to one hundred thousand?

Even if the hospital or doctor concerned allowed you to pay it off, you would be looking at a sum of at least R2000 a month for just over the next four years before the capital was paid off. And that’s assuming you don’t get charged any interest.

If you look at things that way, the couple of hundred rand a month that you pay towards gap cover looks a lot more attractive all of a sudden, doesn’t it?

Optimum Financial Services

Optimum aims to guide its clients into leading independent lives through proper financial planning. It is not enough to build a lot of wealth. You must also make sure that the wealth is protected so that you can live a carefree life.

The Optimum Group adheres to the highest standards to ensure you receive the best advice. The solutions provided allow members to have complete control over their finances and financial goals.

Optimum aims to be the number one provider of financial services, first in South Africa, and then in the world.

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