Medical Gap Cover for Medical Scheme Members

Gap cover for medical aid members in South Africa became essential. Professionals charge excessively for in-hospital treatments and procedures. Here we will have a look at medical gap cover for medical scheme members.

Gap cover compensates the shortfall your medical plan doesn’t pay. Your medical aid might pay up to 100% of the tariff charged,
Medical Gap Cover for Medical Scheme Membersbut specialist does charge up to 400%. You will be liable to pay the difference. It means you will have to come forward with 300% on your bill out of your pocket.

The shortfall can amount to thousands taking in consideration the cost of a blood test, X-rays, scans of the body and brain, coronary angiography and in-hospital treatment. In cases where medical care is needed. The last concern needs to be on how the medical bills will be paid.

Medical gap cover for medical scheme members will pay the difference between the tariff charged by medical professionals and the amount covered by your medical insurer.

In cases of life changing incidents or diagnoses where you have to alter your lifestyle, you will have to cover those expenses out of your wallet if you don’t have gap cover. For example, Heart malfunction can lead to expensive treatments and medication that will leave you with huge amounts, not covered by your medical plan, payable to your medical provider.

Accidents happen, whether you are at home, at work, on the road or taking part in sports. When on holiday and participating in dangerous activities, a medical emergency is something that can ruin your holiday. It is fear enough to assume the South African government will be able to assist you for the time being. Aftercare and therapy can drain your finances. Gap cover can buy you peace of mind with premiums starting from R80 to R400 per month.

Medical Gap Cover for Medical Scheme Members Tariffs

Specialists in South Africa is not regulated by the government on the fees they charge. That is the way they have the freedom to charge what they want. Your medical aid can pay 100% but bear in mind that your specialist’s tariff of 400- 500 % will leave you with a gap payment.

Gap cover is not a medical aid. It’s a cover that pays the balance on your bill after your medical scheme settled the account.

You must be a member of a medical scheme before you can apply for Gap cover. The medical shortfall is a reality, and your medical care is not complete unless you invest in Gap cover. There a variety of providers to choose from.

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All info was correct at time of publishing