Which are the Top Gap Cover Companies in South Africa?

There are many companies that offer gap cover, so which are the top gap cover companies in South Africa? Here is a look at four of the best options.


Ambledown offers 13 options for gap cover. Each option will cover costs at a different level.

Gap cover with Ambledown can be purchased from Constantia (global credit rating of A-) or Hollard Insurance (global credit rating of AA).

Sirago – Top Gap Cover Companies in South Africa

Top Gap Cover Companies In South AfricaSirago offers four options for gap cover. The plans offer in-hospital, out-of-hospital, and prescribed minimum benefits (PMB). The highest products have added benefits such as penalty, admission, and cancer cover.

A three month waiting period is applicable. Not all pre-existing conditions will have coverage in the first year.

Genric Insurance (global credit rating A-) is underwritten by Sirago.

Stratum Benefits

Stratum Benefits have received awards and have four options for gap cover. Products provide gap cover in-hospital and cover for trauma help, emergencies, road accidents and cancer diagnosis. Top plans also provide benefits for accidental death and co-payments.

Stratum Benefits does not impose any limit on maximum age; also, there is no limit on claims.

A waiting period of three months is applicable and the waiting period is six months for pre-existing conditions. A waiting period of 10 months applies to specified procedures.

Constantia Insurance (global credit rating A-) underwrites for Stratum Benefits.

ZestLife – Top Gap Cover Companies in South Africa

ZestLife provides two gap cover options.

Here is the 2022 tariff chart from Zestlife:

Zestlife 2022 Rates

All products provide cover in and out of the hospital for more than 50 procedures.

ZestLife has standard exclusions. Claims related to births have a waiting period of 10 months. During the first six to 12 months certain procedures will have partial coverage.

Guardrisk (global credit rating AA-) underwrites ZestLife.

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