Ambledown Review Shows Why They are Medical Gap Cover Leader

An Ambledown Review shows they are a leading health care provider with over 150,000 Gap Cover members. They believe in providing the right product to the client. Ambledown gap cover protects you from the risk of paying thousands in unforeseen medical bills.

The Ambledown Review highlights of their Gap cover –

  • Ambledown pays up to five times more than the MST limit
  • Cancer patients get up to R500 000 for each treatment cycle
  • Co-payments and deductibles included
  • Casualty benefit covers emergency medical treatment in a casualty unit


Medical gap cover is an insurance product (which falls under the Short-term Insurance Act) and not a medical aid plan. Gap cover, therefore, does not fall under the laws of the Council for Medical Schemes.

The Ambledown Review shows What medical aid Schemes don’t Tell you

Ambledown ReviewDon’t for one minute believe that by being a member of a medical scheme all your bills get paid. Even if they pay at 100- or 300% of the rate, there will still be a shortfall.

The problem is your medical aid don’t tell you that specialists can charge as much as 500% of medical aid rates. This means there is a shortfall that the medical aid won’t pay. You have to pay it. However, with gap cover you don’t have to worry about sky-high bills.

An Ambledown review of their Benefits –

  • A gap cover limit of R2 million per annum
  • 12 months waiting period for pre-existing conditions and pregnancy, 3 months for all other issues
  • Gap cover options such as Gap LPE Advanced and Gap 100. Limited to five times the medical scheme tariff and an annual limit of R2 000 000 for each family per year
  • Sub-limitation, cancer and casualty cover
  • Cover for as little as R200 a month
  • Children insured up to 21 and up to 25 if they are full time students
  • Up to 500% of the medical aid tariffs paid

An Ambledown review reveals the Lowdown

Not everyone is thrilled with Ambledown as a look at Hello Peter reveals. In spite of great products. There are customers delighted with their service, and others who want to steer clear of them.

You need to seriously think about buying gap cover. Illness or injury can happen at any moment and gap cover prepares you for these uncertainties.

To find the best option for you, research is vital. Ambledown may be a good choice for you, maybe not. That’s why you need to see what others say about them, weigh it all up and make the best choice.

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All info was correct at time of publishing