Ambledown Gap Cover – Gap Cover for South African Medical Schemes

Ambledown Gap Cover

Are you aware of medical gap cover? Ambledown gap cover is designed to cover the gap or shortfall that occurs when the amount paid out by medical aid is less than what is charged by the medical professionals.

If you do not have gap cover in place, you will have to pay the shortfall and these additional costs could be financially crippling and significantly affect your savings.

All medical aid plans have limits and do not pay the total expense, irrespective of how good the plan is. They will payout according to their rules and limits from 100% to 200% whereas the actual costs could be significantly more expensive. That is where Ambledown cover will assist you.

ambledown gap cover

Select Ambledown Gap Cover if You Belong to a South African Medical Scheme

Gap Cover Provides Innovative Short Term Insurance

Irrespective of the nature of the treatment you may need, all affordable medical aid scheme members can benefit from the shortfall cover for medical expenses provided by gap cover.

Affordable Gap Cover

Medical aid members taking advantage of Ambledown gap cover can get peace of mind from as little as R200 per month for the primary member and any child dependants. That excludes additional adult dependants. Also, Ambledown covers children up to 21 or up to 25 if they are studying full time.

Ambledown Gap Cover

A policy will pay out a benefit up to an incredible 500% of the medical aid tariffs. Prescribed Minimum Benefits are excluded from the cover.

Co-payments are only covered with designated service providers, and only specified hospital procedures are covered by the plan. Even the cheapest medical aid membership qualifies for gap cover.

Also, there is a R2 million annual limit with Ambledown gap cover.

Pre-existing conditions and pregnancy expenses are subject to 12 month waiting period from the inception of the cover. All other cover will be subject to a waiting period of 3 months. You will have to complete a medical questionnaire before approval.

A 3 month waiting period for all other instances and a 12 month waiting period for pregnancy, and you will have to complete a before approval for gap cover.

What is a Shortfall Policy Exactly?

There is a difference or shortfall between the amount the medical scheme will pay out and the actual costs of the treatment or hospitalisation. In the absence of gap cover, you will need to somehow come up with this money yourself because gap cover protects you financially by paying out the gap or shortfall.

One of the benefits of Ambledown gap cover is that you combine it with any South African medical aid, including:

  • Liberty medical aid
  • Genesis medical aid
  • Discovery Health medical aid
  • GEMS medical aid
  • Momentum medical aid
  • Also, any other recognised medical scheme in South Africa.

You should not use Ambledown gap cover in isolation but as a vital supplement to your medical aid policy.

Medical Gap Cover for Medical Scheme Members


Although some schemes might offer this as an extra option on your plan, medical schemes do not automatically cover co-payments.

For a gap cover quote simply enter your details into the form provided and click the GET A QUOTE button! Remember: gap cover is for medical aid members only.

All info was correct at time of publishing