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How can I get online quotes for gap cover?

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It is well known that private hospital practitioners levy higher fees than are covered for by medical aid schemes. This makes gap cover an important, short term insurance product. That is because it can shield you and your family from the devastating financial effects of large, unexpected hospital bills.

Inflated medical bills

In South Africa, medical inflation and private hospitalisation rates increase at a faster pace when compared with other household bills. That makes them financially stressful. Medical aid scheme gap insurance bridges the gap between medical aid tariffs and medical practitioner charges.

Mitigate your risk by supplementing you medical aid by considering gap cover, lowering your chances of Online Quotes for Gap Coverrequiring financial assistance for healthcare costs. Get a gap cover quote online within minutes!

It is important to note that gap cover is not a medical aid alternative or itself, a medical aid. It is an insurance policy product that works hand in hand with an existing medical aid scheme.

Get online quotes

For those who are Internet security conscious, whenever you request a quote from a quote website online, your data becomes securely encrypted through the use of the latest, cutting edge Internet technology.

This allows you to comfortably and confidently compare benefits and their prices from South Africa’s leading insurance providers, in seconds! Gap cover providers to not sell your data to any third parties. So the quote gathering is absolutely free and accurate. That would be online gap insurance comparison quotes.

High hospital costs

At one point or another, we all visit a hospital, at times for minor ailments or injuries, other times, for intensive procedures or treatments. Some of these costs can ran into the thousands, and for those not fully insured, it can be financially ruinous.

Using medical gap insurance, any hospital procedure that you require and whose costs run over and above your medical aid limits, will still be covered. This leaves you fully covered, either way.

Why you need gap cover

Most medical aids cover charges at about 100% of specialist rates, while in practice, medical practitioner rates can be as high as 300% to 400% of medical scheme tariffs! However, without gap cover to bridge the difference, this would leave many people out of pocket completely. Many gap cover products cover between 500% to 600% of medical aid scheme rates, for your peace of mind.

Medical aid gap cover policies carry some length of waiting period, which varies from provider to provider. Exclusions usually include pre-existing conditions, for one year from your policy’s commencement date.

Cancellation periods also vary from insurer to insurer and between one to two months prior to your account having any debits stopped.

Some gap cover policies limit family sizes, or have criteria limitations, such as every member of the family belonging to a medical aid.

Gap cover can be taken out by anyone who is a member of a medical scheme currently.

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