How to Sign Up for Gap Cover in SA

How do you sign up for gap insurance from Discovery?

  • For a gap comparative insurance quote, complete a quote form or ring 0860 000 628
  • Gap covers are for Discovery Health Medical Scheme members, not including KeyCare plan members
  • Discovery Gap Insurance is short term in its nature and Discovery Insure underwrites it
  • And Discovery Supplementary Gap cover, by design, is longer term, and Discovery Life underwrites this option

Sign Up Here for Gap CoverSign up to insure yourself and your family from unexpected, additional medical-related expenses

For a monthly fee of R90, you can invest in Discovery Gap Cover. Pick one of two further options, namely

Both of these gap insurance products cover against shortfalls on

  • in-hospital, approved claims
  • particular out-of-hospital expenses
  • co-payments on cancer-related claims

The coverage level depends on the option chosen, with a R150 000 overall yearly limit pllying to every person.

Priced at R155 monthly, there are two gap cover products, Discovery Gap Cover and Supplementary Gap Cover. Significantly, these are to guard members from unexpected health related expenses or events that are life altering.

More Cover

You might require the services of specialist in-hospital care. Then you are eligible for a maximum of 200% of the rate of your medical scheme. That is, if your scheme pays less than the specialist charges.

A benefit extender on hospital admissions is also available under this gap cover option, depending upon your Vitality position. An additional R20 000 yearly payout covers any additional gaps there may be between your medical scheme limit and in-hospital specialist charges.

A R100 000 yearly gap benefit is open to members who suffer shortfalls in cancer-related claims. You will have to qualify to the oncology threshold of your scheme and you must get pre-approval for the claims The cover will depend on the Discovery Gap Insurance option chosen.

Supplementary Gap Cover

Costing just R65 per month, sign up for this gap insurance product for payouts in a lump sum, protection of your premiums and an always timely home support, which features a 25% yearly premium payback.

Additionally, this gap cover option from Discovery provides the member a R500 000 payout in lump sum when diagnosed with an illness that qualifies from a covered illness list. This list’s ilnesses are usually quite costly to treat. Also included in this payout is genome sequencing allied to some forms of cancer.

Should you get severely ill, disabled or die, you’re gap cover, Vitality, and medical aid premium payments will be paid by Discovery for a period covering a maximum of 2 years.

A monthly R10 000 payout lasting for one year that assists with the costs related to home based nursing and its associated costs is also available to you as a benefit. Covering your spouse and yourself and a qualifying life altering event.

So Depending upon your Vitality Drive and/or Vitality status, a quarter of your premium payments will be paid back to you every year you are a member.

Complete and then submit the form now to get a quote and sign up for gap cover – if you are a member of a medical aid in South Africa

All info was correct at time of publishing