Gap cover for Discovery Medical Aid – and for you

Discovery Medical Aid is South Africa’s biggest medical scheme, and cover well over two million lives.

They also offer many medical aid options.

One of their top healthcare schemes is the Executive Plan where you pay R5 544 monthly which gives you the most extensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day benefits.

With this type of full health cover, who worries about falling ill?

Discovery medical Aid important Information

Even though you pay premiums each month for your health care plan, there are times where you will be required to pay a large portion of the medical procedure bill yourself.

This is almost unforgivable for medical aid members who believe that these huge premiums should take care of all their bills.

Massive premiums – Limited cover

Discovery medical aidNo matter how comprehensive your medical aid plan is, they will only pay bills according to the standard tariffs as laid out in the medical scheme’s guidelines.

Specialists charge way beyond these standard tariff guidelines, and then you must pay for the excess amount.
Discovery Insure has also launched a gap-cover policy for members of schemes administered by Discovery Health.

They provide members with their Gap and Supplementary Gap Cover, included in these plans are Gap cover Extender and Oncology Benefit Extender.

Discovery offers cover on its options at either 100 or 200%, but as specialists charge anything up to 600 percent, somebody has to pay for the other 400% outstanding.

This is Discovery Insure’s gap-cover policy

Discovery Insure’s gap-cover policy will pay an extra 100% above the rate at which your option pays. The policy has an extender benefit. This is useful because it provides unlimited cover for specialists’ bills.

The policy also provides cover up to R100 000 for shortfalls on all claims related to cancer. Premiums for this kind of gap cover start at R100 a month. Discovery medical aid members also qualify for gap cover. Gap cover for Discovery medical aid is a supplement to medical aid.

What Discovery medical Aid gap Cover can Do for You

  • You get additional financial support for illness.
  • Competitive monthly premiums.
  • Discovery Gap Cover is a short-term insurance product underwritten by Discovery Insure.
  • The Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover is a long-term insurance product underwritten by Discovery Life.
  • Discovery Gap Cover and Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover are also only available to members of those medical schemes administered by Discovery Health
  • Supplementary Gap Cover immediately pays up to 100% of the medical scheme rate for approved in-hospital specialist claims that exceed the amount paid by the medical scheme. It also provides a Home Support Benefit.
  • There is also only one claims submission process.
  • Unlimited in-hospital cover for shortfalls in your medical scheme cover for in-hospital treatment
  • Cancer Cover – Discovery Gap Cover provides additional funding to cover co-payments for high oncology costs. The gap cover will help fund the cost of some high-cost cancer treatments
  • The in-hospital Gap Cover and Gap Cover Extender work together to ensure unlimited cover for specialists’ bills in the hospital
  • With gap cover from Discovery, you don’t need to submit a separate Discovery Gap Cover claim. They will automatically identify potential gap cover claims and pay according to your Discovery Gap Cover benefits.
  • There is also an additional support through lump-sum payments as well as premium protection to help with health-related financial strain

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