Complimed Gap Cover – Here to Compliment Your Medical Aid

When comparing medical aid quotes, it is vital to also look at the critical short-term medical gap cover, for instance, the one provided by Complimed gap cover.

You could well find yourself in a position where a string of illnesses involving multiple doctors visits and medication. This may have depleted your Medical Savings Account of your medical aid. A sudden emergency or condition could land you in a hospital and then what do you do?

complimed gap cover

Compliment Your Medical Aid This Way

Consider taking out Complimed Gap Cover As Soon As You Can

Provided you are a member of a medical aid scheme, you automatically qualify for Complimed Gap Cover. The reason gap cover is necessary is that medical schemes in South Africa, not matter how comprehensive, never cover the full costs of all medical care.

Complimed Gap Cover

Without shortfall insurance you may find yourself paying for huge medical expenses. These include specialist fees, blood tests, hospital treatment and also other expenses.

Many people often assume their medical aid covers all costs which is simply not the case. The unexpected additional costs could have a disastrous effect on your finances and significantly affect your savings.

That is what top-up insurance helps to avoid.

For a modest monthly premium, Complimed gap cover will cover your additional medical costs. You cannot use the product on its own but is the ideal extra protection to add to any medical aid policy.

Essentially, Complimed gap cover will pay the difference between the fees provided for by your medical aid scheme and the actual amount specialists charge for hospital services.

Conveniently, Complimed gap cover will work in conjunction with and recognised South African medical scheme.

Medical Gap Cover for Medical Scheme Members

What does Complimed pay?

Medical practitioner’s fees that are higher than the medical aid maximum.

When you select a hospital plan that charges an excess, exclusions, copayments or any other benefit limits.

In instances where you choose to stay in a hospital but it’s not included in the health plan you currently have, or the hospital does not currently have an agreement with your chosen medical aid.

This gap cover will pay for the cost difference. That is the difference between what the medical practitioner’s charge and the amount that your scheme will pay.


The medical specialists that you use might be required to register with the fund for you to claim for the services they provide you. That could limit your choice of specialists, or you could try to convince your doctors to register with the scheme.

Complimed gives you freedom of choice as to the specialists you wish to use. Certain gap covers might pay for the benefit but only provide cover up to specified amount or a market rate.

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