Medical Shortfall Cover from Sirago

Get yourself the cover that pays the balance arising from what the doctors charge and the standard medical tariffs, by enrolling for medical shortfall cover from Sirago.

Indeed, Sirago created this medical gap cover to offer cheap solutions that cater for in-hospital costs not covered by your medical plan.


Also, Sirago medical gap cover will pay up to 500% of the specified scheme rates for treatment and services provided, which means you won’t have to cough up more cash from your pocket.

There is often a huge gap between what your medical aid will pay and what health experts charge. Gap cover pays this difference so that you don’t have to.

Eight Reasons why you should enrol for Medical Shortfall Cover from Sirago.

  • It gives you peace of mind since it cover the entire family,
  • There are no annual limits
  • There is no age limit when enrolling
  • The gap cover caters for dentistry and optometry
  • It covers for gynaecologist, pathologist, radiologists, and anaesthetists.
  • The gap covers up to five of your family members
  • The covers applies to all medical schemes
  • Finally, the insurer pays the claims expressly into the principal policyholder’s bank account.

Please Note

When joining Sirago, members are subject to a three-month waiting period and a further one year period for pre-existing conditions.

Medical shortfall Cover from SiragoBenefits associated with the scheme

  • you have 90 days to submit a claim
  • there are no annual limits or excess
  • it covers dentistry, optometry, and in-patient expenses
  • the cover caters for up to 500% doctors fees that exceed the standard charges
  • it covers up to five family members, and it’s very affordable
  • it covers students up to the age of 21, and full-time students are also covered
  • Claims are directly paid into the policy holder’s account.


So for peace of mind, apply for a Gap Cover Quote. Just fill in the form on this page and send it to us. It’s FREE


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