Medical Shortfall Cover by Complimed

Complimed medical shortfall cover offers an answer for all health aid members whose covers do not pay in full for health treatment and experts costs.

Indeed, the Gap cover ensures payment of unforeseen extra health expenses, such experts fees, blood tests and other hospital procedures.

As such, for just a small monthly fee, complimed medical gap cover pays the difference between the hospital bills and what your health covers pay.

While Gap covers from other countries may only pay the markets rates and precise bills charged by doctors, Complimed offers a full defence, but requires members to either use doctors listed with the company or to get doctors to register with the plan.

ComplimedBelow is a list of medical shortfall cover products and costs from Complimed:

  • Gap supreme: premium –R320 per month_ comprehensive Gap cover
  • Gap Premium R200 per month
  • Also, Gap select premium R300 per month
  • Listed procedure Advance: Premium R210

For a more detailed list, download the brochure from the company’s site.


Complimed also offers Gap plus for senior citizens aged at 71 and above.

As such, for just R350 per month, you get additional cover for hospital charges and doctors extra costs. Besides, you get extra protection to a maximum of 500% of the standard medical scheme tariff limits.

The Cover has an upper limit of R2 million annually and a Co-Payment cover to R50, 000 per family annually.

Besides, the cover caters for outpatient treatment as listed on the company’s documents. And this includes cover for, chemotherapy, dialysis CT and MRI scans at network hospitals, among others.

Also, the gap cover includes costs incurred for emergency treatment in hospital casualty units that are not covered by medical schemes but it’s limited to R500 annually.

It is vital to have gap insurance in a country like SA. The last thing you need is to be stressing about extra costs in times of illness.

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