Guardrisk Supplies Medical Shortfall Cover Under the Admed Banner

Admed medical shortfall cover caters for added costs for in-patient treatment. Further, it also covers out-patient treatment

However, Admed medical gap cover does not replace normal health cover. It simply caters for gaps between the charges imposed by doctors and upper limit ceilings imposed by medical plans.

Why Get Admed Medical Shortfall Cover?

Health aids only pay 100% of medical scheme tariffs, which is often three to five times less than what health experts charge for their services. This leaves aid members with a huge bill to pay and can cause a lot of stress in times of illness.
Gaurdrisk knows that the last thing members want to think about in times of sickness is money.

Indeed, this is why Gaurdrisk created the Admed medical gap plan. To protect members against these extra costs and stress.

Admed pays up to 200% of the limit set by medical schemes towards the shortfall but does not surpass the Gap

Further, Admed offers two products; the Supreme gap and the primary gap.

Admed Medical Shortfall CoverThe Supreme Shortfall Comprehensive benefits includes
  • Gaps in consultant expenses
  • Deductibles and co-payments imposed by your medical schemes for given treatments
  • Co-payments levied by medical covers for oncology treatment
  • Continuing oncology procedures one the medical plan benefit is exceeded
  • Lump sum benefits for cancer diagnosis
  • Gaps for the internal prosthesis
  • Accidental Death and Disability
  • Cash payment for prolonged hospital stays
  • Fixed benefit for dental resulting from accidents
  • Cost of casualty visits
Admed’s Primary option is less expensive and offers the following
  • Cover for gaps and expenses, but it’s not prescribed for minimum benefits
  • Scheme for co-payments and deductibles imposed by health insurance plans for given procedures.
Admed Medical Shortfall Cover will keep you protected

Indeed, Guardrisk is a company that prides itself with equal treatment and strives to exceed customer expectations. So don’t waste any time. Apply for gap cover and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

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Note: Check this list to ensure you belong to a legitimate medical aid

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