Trulogic Gap Cover and Other Financial Services

Trulogic Gap Cover ensures all your health bills are paid in full. People who only have basic medical aid find that quite a few procedures are not covered in full. Trulogic provides cover for this gap. Further, they do not just cover in-hospital costs, but also certain daily health expenses, unlike many other gap cover providers.


Why Gap Cover is Vital

Most medical aid schemes just cover members for basic prescribed minimum benefits depending on the level of cover one is on. Trulogic ensures that its members do not have to keep paying out of their pocket for unexpected expenses. Most hospital procedures result in payment shortfalls. More often than not, doctors will charge much more than what the medical aid has set out as its maximum rate. This can go up to as much as 400% what the scheme rate is. Without cover from Trulogic, healthcare becomes simply unaffordable.

trulogic gap coverTrulogic Gap Cover Offers

Many health schemes claim to cover members 100%. Though this may be true. The statement is misleading since they only cover 100% of the medical aid rate. And Experts often charge far more than this. Indeed, 100% of medical aid rates is not the same as 100% of the bill. The bill could, in fact, be twice the medical aid rate, which makes it 200% medical aid rate.

An Example

For instance, if the medical aid rate is R100 for a certain procedure and the bill comes in at R200, medical aid will only pay R100 leaving the member to pay the remaining R100 to the doctor or hospital. Trulogic covers for such instances and would therefore then pay the shortfall on behalf of the member. Trulogic is well-known among most medical aid companies. Further, their Gap cover is sourced from many different insurance providers. They offer Stratum which has a joining age cap of 70. They also cover dependents till the age of 27 as long as they are on the same scheme as the principle member.

Exclusive Trulogic Gap Cover deals for Profmed and Momentum

Trulogic also offers exclusive deals to members of Momentum and Profmed. In this offering are three plan types, namely Extender, Incentive and Momentum all covering gaps up to 5 times the medical aid scheme rate for in-hospital claims. Zestlife, another offering has no age cap for joining and covers main members and dependents. They have a free special feature which is Hello Doctor, where the member can send medical queries via SMS and a qualified doctor responds to the queries within an hour. This service is available 24 hours a day. There’s also Sirago which also has no age cap for joining and has no maximum benefit limit per year. It has a list of registered doctors and healthcare providers whose service they cover.

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