Medical Gap Cover for Profmed Medical Scheme Members

Profmed, a leading medical aid scheme, only offers membership to professionals who are post graduates. Gap cover for Profmed is also offered as an add-on to the scheme.

Profmed – a Restricted Scheme

As a restricted scheme, all elected trustees are Profmed medical aid members and they’re committed to providing excellent health care for professionals.

For people to apply for this scheme they must have –

  • two 3-year degrees from a Technical University or University
  • a 3-year degree including a 1-year post graduate qualification
  • a 4-year qualification or 4-year degree from a University

Profmed provides their members with a scheme that is financially stable and capable of providing customised benefits at affordable prices. They offer several medical aid plans such as their ProPinnacle, ProSecure Plus, ProSecure, Proactive Plus and ProActive. If you want more details on the Profmed Medical Scheme, you can call them on Client Services on 0860 679 200 or email them at [email protected]

Good though they Are – they Don’t Cover Everything

Profmed does not pay for all medical expenses in full. The reason for this is that most medical aids will only pay for treatments which abide by medical scheme tariffs.

Specialists in South Africa are unregulated, and they can charge what they like, which is often far over the medical scheme tariff. You’ll have to settle this excess amount first, and sometimes it can be impossible. Depending on the particular procedure you’ve had, this can run into thousands of Rands.

Gap Cover for ProfmedGap Cover for Profmed

This is why so many South Africans look to gap cover for help. The thought of sinking in a pool of medical bill debt is too terrible. For an affordable premium each month, gap cover will take care of these excess amounts.

Triarc offers advice on gap cover for Profmed Medical Scheme members as well as for members of other medical aids. Also, they are backed by leading insurance industry experts such as Guardrisk among others.

Because Triarc is registered with the Financial Services Board, they have the authority to advise clients on short- and long-term insurance. They offer extensive details on Trugap and Stratum.

Trugap offers products created for members on Momentum and Profmed Medical Aid. Trugap offers four options which offer up to 500% cover for in-hospital events as well as co-payments. Contributions will be low, about R141 a month for the main member.

Stratum gap cover also offers up to 500% above the medical scheme rate.

So which one do you choose?

Get Advice from Financial Experts

Triarc allows you to compare gap cover and to choose the one which suits your unique needs. With so many options to choose from, you’r bound to find a plan that meets your needs.

Avoid stressing about bills. Get a Gap Cover Quote. Fill in and submit the form. It’s Easy and FREE!

All info was correct at time of publishing