Is Medical Aid Gap Cover starting at R350 a month sufficient?

Is Medical Aid Gap Cover starting at R350 a month sufficient?

  • Yes, affordable gap cover from Discovery is designed to cover all those unexpected medical costs
  • In-hospital gap cover up to 200% and more when your in-hospital specialist claim exceeds what Discovery pays your specialist
  • You get up to a certain amount per person each year to cover shortfalls on cancer-related claims. That is, once you’ve reached your oncology threshold.
  • You’ll get lump-sum amounts on diagnosis of certain illnesses for high treatment costs
  • You get an amount each month for a year if the main member or spouse has a life-changing event
  • Discovery Health offers sufficient medical gap cover for even less than R350 a month


Belonging to South Africa’s Leading Medical Scheme Doesn’t Cut It

The truth is that if you belong to a good medical aid, it’s not enough. You need something else to cover you for when your medical aid doesn’t cover your medical expenses.

Medical gap cover is thankfully a low-cost insurance product. It isn’t medical aid but rather a high-value enhancement to medical aid. Medical gap cover isn’t just a nicety to help you along with medical care, it is a vital part of any medical aid plan, without it which could land you in serious debt.

A Hard Lesson Learned

Too many South Africans have learned this lesson the hard way. They believed their medical aids would Gap Cover from R350cover all their medical expenses, and have been shocked and dismayed to find out that they don’t. They themselves have had to carry the shortfalls.

It’s precisely why you see so many ‘for sale’ notices outside South African’s property. They’re often the ones who did not have gap cover and have had to sell their homes to cover their massive medical accounts.

If you’re a Discovery Health medical aid member, from R350 a month, you can buy medical gap cover. You ensure that your family doesn’t get into terrible financial difficulties as a result of exorbitant medical bills. Unregulated specialists charge what they like and your medical aid membership doesn’t cover this excess amount for you.

Discovery’s gap cover takes care of those shortfalls on approved in-hospital specialist claims, co-payments and certain out-of-hospital costs.

Top reasons to get Discovery Gap Cover from R350

  • they access your claims information and can accurately identify potential gap cover claims and pay as per your gap cover benefits
  • you don’t have to submit a separate gap cover claim to Discovery
  • you always receive a claims statement to see how your policy has covered shortfalls.

In South Africa there are specialists who won’t perform surgery if they know you don’t have medical gap cover. Having medical aid gap cover from Discovery simply means that you always have access to the specialists without the worry of being turned down because you don’t have gap cover.

Even though you invest in Discovery Gap Cover, it’s an insurance product and not the same as your medical aid plans. You have to belong to a medical aid to have this cover. Having a medical aid plan in place, even when it comes from South Africa’s biggest medical scheme, isn’t going to be your ticket to unlimited health care.


Medical gap cover is a must if you belong to any medical scheme, and R350 a month, gap cover from Discovery can offer you premium protection against rising medical costs.

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All info was correct at time of publishing