Discovery Life gap cover information that could save you money

Members of Medical Aids are sometimes unaware that there are often shortfalls in medical bills, particularly after hospitalisation. The member is then liable to pay the supplier the hard cash. This can be extremely stressful particularly when you did not expect this shortfall. This is where discovery life gap cover can help you.

Discovery  life gap cover is One of the leading Medical Aid plans

in South Africa and through Discovery Life they also offer Gap Insurance which will help meet these shortfalls.

Discovery life gap cover

An interesting story which highlights the need for supplementary cover: When Angelina Jolie decided to have a preventative Mastectomy it was as a result of genetic testing. It revealed she carried the gene that meant she might be susceptible to breast cancer.

As she had lost relatives to breast cancer, this brave decision may save her life. In interviews, she mentioned that she was grateful she was able to make use of advanced genomic sequencing.

This sequencing is not always available to members of the public but if the member has taken out Discovery Life Supplementary Gap Cover then access to this service is available.

 Benefits of Discovery Life Gap Cover

  • This gives unlimited cover for shortfalls in medical aid scheme cover for specialist treatment in hospital.
  • Co-Payments: Discovery helps with co-payments that may arise from high cost of oncology treatments
  • No need to submit a separate Gap claim.

Benefits of Discovery Life Supplementary Gap Cover:

In addition to meeting the shortfalls associated with treatment and hospitalisation Discovery also includes the following benefits which can be added to the Discovery Life Plan.

Medical Breakthrough Funder

Every year new medical advances take place. To benefit from this Discovery also offers a Medical Breakthrough Funder Benefit. This also allows for a lump sum payment tax-free, of up to R 500 000 to be paid out on diagnosis, of certain high treatment cancers and illnesses.

It also covers for other unrelated conditions up to a maximum of a million rand per insured person.

Comprehensive Premium Protector

This is a benefit that will pay the premiums for up to two years if the member is disabled or their families if they should die. It covers the Discovery Life, Health Vitality and Vitality drive premiums.

Home Support Benefit

This will provide R10 000 a month for up to twelve months if the member or the spouse qualify with a life changing event.

Annual Payback Benefit:

This applies to Discovery Vitality and Vitality Drive members who can receive up to 25% of their annual premiums paid back.

If you have medical aid from any medical scheme in South Africa, fill in and submit the form on this page to get a FREE gap cover quote

All info was correct at time of publishing