Medical Shortfall Insurance for Topmed

If you live in South Africa, you’ll know how costly it is belonging to a medical aid. Consider medical shortfall insurance for Topmed if you belong to this medical aid or any other registered scheme in South Africa.

Medical health fees have sky-rocketed and continue to do so.
Exorbitant medical prices are causing great stress with medical aid members. Thousands have realised that they are not covered sufficiently by the medical aids. Even though they pay such huge premiums to each month. Medical shortfall insurance for Topmed offers a solution to this problem.

Exorbitant Monthly Premiums

Topmed has several medical aid plans, starting with their affordable Income Limited Plans. You’ll get their Topmed Essential Plan for instance which is R1 4 98 for the main member, while the Topmed Comprehensive Plan is R6 070 per month. That’s a lot of money to pay not to have Topmed paying for your in-hospital bills in full.

Medical Shortfall Insurance for TopmedMany have discovered that their stay in hospital was not 100% covered – that heaps of unforeseen medical costs arrive in their mailbox afterwards. They might not have known about gap cover or believed it unnecessary. That isĀ until they pay huge bills.

Topmed medical aid members have realised the benefits of gap cover – how it can spare them from medical bill paying calamities.

Gap cover takes care of those medical bills that specialists charge you and your medical aid won’t pay. Topmed won’t pay these bills because these unregulated specialists charge way beyond the guideline medical scheme tariffs. They will pay up to a point and not more, so you have to settle it yourself – that’s if you don’t have gap cover.

Topmed members should be aware of limitations. For instance, you might suddenly find that you need some advanced dentistry and follow up specialised treatment. Medial gap cover can rescue you here in this situation and save you thousands.

Many Doctors and Hospitals set their own Fee Structures

You might have 100% coverage which you believe will cover your medical bills in full. Yes, your medical aid will pay 100% of your medical rates, but what about your surgeon who is charging you for an operation that is over and above the medical aid rates? Who will have to foot that shortfall? None other than yourself.

Medical shortfall insurance for topmed makes good on the difference between what your standard medical rates are and what your specialist or doctor might be charging you. This is because many specialists and hospitals set their own fee structures and some can charge you as much as 400% or 500% over the medical aid rates.

Medical Shortfall Insurance for Topmed has Excellent Value

Medical gap cover is becoming a popular choice as additional cover to medical aid. The gap cover supplements your medical aid scheme cover. Members of any medical scheme can apply for Gap Cover. You can even change medical schemes, and your gap cover remains the same.

Consider gap cover today. It will probably cost you less than your regular monthly coffee bill. When you consider the cost of health today, gap cover is worth it.

Get your free quote online today and spare yourself a lot of unnecessary expense.

All info was correct at time of publishing