How do I get immediate Medical Gap Cover?

Not knowing about how medical schemes work, what they cover and what they don’t cover can cost you a lot of money. So, what if you need immediate Medical Gap Cover?

But what is Gap Cover? It isn’t a medical aid, but rather an add-on to your medical aid plan.

All gap cover policies have an annual limit of R150 000 for each insured member. It’s in your best interests to find out about the waiting periods and exclusions of the cover.

Be informed about Immediate medical Gap cover 

Take the time to find out more. Or you may find yourself having to pay huge unforseen medical bills that could send you into mounting debt.

Being rushed to hospital for a sudden illness or injury may be your wake-up call. Without Gap cover you’ll soon have medical bills pouring in, not to your medical aid, but to you. These are all the bills that you thought your medical aid plan would pay.

You need Gap cover now to pay for hospital bills not covered by your medical aid.

Immediate medical Gap cover

Immediate medical Gap cover and The dreaded Co-Payment

It’s a reality check when you realise that specialists can charge up to  5 times (or 500% ) of the medical aid rate. Add to that, the doctors may require certain procedures for your condition, and before they proceed they’ll want a co-payment.

If you don’t pay, treatment doesn’t start. With such a dilemma, why not invest in gap cover?  With the right plan, co-payments are made for you. They take care of the hospital bills that your medical aid plan doesn’t cover.

Immediate medical Gap cover and Sanlam

Sanlam understands gap cover and the needs of the people. They’re ready to provide you with immediate medical Gap cover. Sanlam have been around since 1918 and kept up to date with changing trends. Their plans fit into the 21st century.

Value-Added Benefits from Sanlam

When you get gap cover from them, you can take advantage of other benefits. These include Out-of-hospital and Emergency Casualty Benefit which pays for the facility fee, admission into casualty, emergency room or private hospital.

Other points to note are –

  • Gap cover that starts from R250 a month and R600 for those over 60
  • Up to five times medical aid tariff
  • A waiting period of 3 months on all benefits and 12 months for pre-existing conditions
  • Comprehensive plan covers the main member and all dependants
  • Their online form is easy to fill in and can be done in less than 10 minutes
  • Talk to someone about gap cover on 0860 473 223

Don’t put Off what Needs dealing with Today

Most gap cover policies come with a 3 month waiting period. So you can’t afford to wait any longer. Accidents, injuries and illness can change your life within 3 months.

If you don’t have medical gap cover from Sanlam, your medical bills could be so high that they send you to an early grave.

All info was correct at time of publishing