Use Hippo Medical Gap Cover and Save!

South African medical aid members can save up to R450 by using Hippo to compare and obtain quotes for health cover. Hence the hippo medical gap cover platform is a great source of data.

Research has shown that more than 50 000 internet users make use of the Hippo platform every month.

Also, Hippo offers clients a user-friendly platform on which to compare prices and get quotes from all the major insurance companies in the country.

This is a crucial time-saving tool that also assists users in making choices about what gap cover will best suit their needs.

How does the Hippo platform work?

  • Using the Hippo platform is FREE
  • It offers fair and honest information
  • Compare insurance quotes
  • Review plans offered by major South African cover companies
  • Compare prices and benefits
  • The Hippo platform saves clients time and money
  • It is easy to use – simply follow the prompts
  • All info shared by applicants is private
  • Hippo does not share any personal info with third parties
  • It helps clients find the gap cover which best suits their needs
  • Users save broker fees by buying gap cover directly via the Hippo platform

hippo medical gap coverWhy Hippo Medical Gap Cover?

Gap Cover is open to all members of listed medical schemes in SA.

Indeed, it has become a vital part of health insurance and defends families against huge fees charged by the health experts.

Further, health experts do not adhere to medical scheme tariffs. In fact, they charge up to five times more than what schemes will pay in many cases.

So this leaves members with huge shortfalls for treatment, which they have to pay out of their own pockets.

Gap Cover pays that difference, giving families peace of mind in times of illness.

Why use Hippo Medical Gap Cover?

The Hippo medical gap cover platform provides clients with info about all aspects of gap cover.

Moreover, Hippo’s search engine allows users to compare all products on the market and to get free quotes within minutes, saving them time and money.

For instance, here are just a few of the companies that provide this form of short-term insurance:

Hippo Medical Gap Cover Terminology


Indeed, the Hippo platform includes an A to Z glossary of gap cover terminology, making it easy for users to learn the various phrases.

Examples are:

  • Eligible children –biological, adopted and stepchildren
  • Eligible spouse –the main member’s wife or life partner. If that member has more than one wife, he must choose only one spouse to receive the benefits

Exclusions and Co-Payments

Generally, most companies offering gap cover have exclusion and co-payment clauses.

In fact, there are a number of health conditions not covered by gap cover. For instance suicide, drug and alcohol addiction and specified cancer treatments are not covered.

Co-payments are the amounts the insured party has to pay his/her medical scheme before they receive treatment. These include hospital admission fees and co-payments for certain procedures.

How to use Hippo’s platform

  • Use the website to locate the quote page
  • Then, supply relevant information on the web site form
  • Further, select a policy best suited to your needs after comparing prices and benefits
  • lastly, select ”I’m interested”, and the insurance provider will contact you.

What must be compared

  • How many family members need cover
  • What are the benefits and amounts of the cover
  • Waiting and cancellation periods
  • What are the annual limits
  • Entry age restrictions

If you belong to a South African medical aid, get a FREE Quote and stop stressing. Just fill in and submit the form.

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