Bonitas Gap Cover Eases all the Financial Aches and Pains

Have you ever had a medical bill only partially paid by your medical aid plan? And you have to pay the outstanding amount because the doctor did not charge medical aid rates? This won’t happen with Bonitas medical scheme gap cover.

When it comes to a one-off account, it isn’t so bad, but what happens if you need to be booked into a hospital?

Expenses can quickly build up and the more specialised the help you need, the higher the bill becomes. If your medical aid pays only the standard rate, this means that you have to pay a large portion of the bill.

How will you pay if that portion turns out to be thousands of Rands?

Bonitas medical Scheme gap Cover Solves this Problem

Bonitas medical scheme gap cover

Gap cover does not fall under the category of essential insurance. But, think for a minute what you would do if you didn’t have this cover.

How much money do you have saved up? Would you be able to pay a large hospital bill out of it? Would you have to try and get loans to cover the expense?

Or would you have to delay surgery that could improve your quality of life because you can’t afford it? What if it was an emergency or one of your kids that needed the surgery?

Looked at from that perspective, gap cover takes on whole new level of importance. If you are serious about securing your family’s financial future, you need to ensure that gap cover is put in place.

Do all Members of Bonitas qualify for Gap cover?

Bonitas is a registered medical scheme, and members who are up to date with their contributions are insured.

The family members listed on your Bonitas Policy will also qualify for gap cover. Most companies, however, have a maximum age of 27 for dependents. As long as they qualify you will be able to add them to your gap cover at no extra cost.

Depending on the company you choose to take the cover from, other qualifying criteria may be applied. Some companies have a maximum age for admission to the plan. You might not qualify for cover if you are over the age of 60.

Medical Gap Cover for Medical Scheme Members


Is there Any immediate Cover with Bonitas medical scheme gap cover?

There is no immediate cover. All plans impose a waiting period of 3 months before claims can be made. Special circumstances can mean that you need to wait a year before being covered for every condition.

This applies to those conditions that you have been previously diagnosed and treated for. You will also need to wait a year before you can make any claims related to a pregnancy.

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