With Medshield medical Scheme gap Cover you Won’t be Caught short.

When it comes to health care expenses, just having a medical aid plan is no longer enough. If you want full cover in the event of illness, you need Medshield Medical Scheme gap cover as well.

If you consider how out of control health care costs are becoming, gap cover is now a vital asset.

Gap cover arose out of the need to finance the shortfall between standard medical aid rates and what doctors charged.

A firm that offers this product, like Turnberry, pay as much as four times normal medical aid rates to ensure that you are not left with high bills.

Medshield medical Scheme gap Cover

Medshield Medical Scheme

As long as you are a member of any registered South African medical aid, like Medshield Medical Scheme, you can apply for gap cover. Get a FREE quote. Just fill in the form on this page and submit it.

Why Pay for More Cover?

Things have changed a lot over the past few years. Whereas before you could rely on your medical aid to pay any bills from a hospital stay, you can no longer rely on this being paid in full.

Medical aid firms have had to tighten their belts in order to remain viable. As a result, they have had to cut back on the cover they offer. This meant the imposing of what they term “standard medical aid tariffs”.

What this means is that hospital costs are covered in full as long as the charges are in line with the standard medical aid tariffs. The problem is that many doctors, specialists, etc. charge a lot more than these rates.

It is you, the member, who has to pay the difference.  And it’s not likely that you will have a large amount of cash on hand.

Become Informed

Take action in protecting your financial future by finding out what the terms of your medical aid are at the moment.

Most policies limit your cover to medical aid rates. Some pay double or even triple the normal rates but even this may not be enough. Also, find out what happens if you do not use the preferred provider network?

Get the Very best Care from a Medshield medical Scheme gap Cover

Think about it, do you want to have medical treatment that’s not the best in order to save money. With gap cover in place, you won’t have to make that decision.

You can make your choices based on what is best for your condition rather than what it costs.

Gap cover claims get paid into your account, giving you the ability to sort out the medical bills.

When it comes to your health and that of your family, you don’t want to rely on the “next best” option. Gap cover helps you to put yourself and your family first.

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