Gap Insurance for Liberty Health Medical Aid Members

Have you ever needed to see a specialist? If you have, I don’t need to tell you how costly it can be. And, while your medical aid pays a portion of the fee, they probably won’t pay all of it. That’s why you need gap insurance for Liberty Health

If you don’t have gap cover, you have to pay for any shortfall.

That’s affordable if you’re just having a check-up or once-off consultation. It’s when you need specialist treatment in a hospital that those shortfalls start to add up.

Gap insurance for Liberty Health takes Care of the Shortfall

Gap Insurance for Liberty Health

It is no longer enough to rely on your medical aid. Even though they pay out 100% of medical aid tariffs, doctors often charge a lot more than these rates.

And the more qualified the specialist, the more you can expect to pay.

Medical standard tariffs have not kept up with the increases in rates that a specialist charges. You could end up being asked to pay a large medical bill – even though your medical aid paid 100% of their portion.

You will have to scramble to find the money, adding to the stress of the procedure itself.

Also, depending on where your treatment takes place, you might be required to pay a deposit on admission. The deposit could be a few thousand Rand if you choose an out of network hospital for your account.

Good medical care is expensive. Standard medical tariffs are based on what the average cost for the treatment is.

In theory, it makes sense. In practice, however, it falls short because you don’t want average care. When you have a serious medical condition, you want the very best treatment. And you won’t get that by paying average rates. Gap insurance for Liberty Health gives you that added bonus.

Doesn’t a Hospital Plan Help?

Yes, sure, it can help. But the problem is that there are restrictions as to when you can claim. You may only be able to claim if you have been in the hospital for more than a set number of days.

And the payout is usually a fixed rate. The plan may pay out R3000 or R4000 a day, but even that’s not likely to cover all your medical expenses.

Liberty Health and Gap Cover

Liberty Health Members have another option, though. They can choose to take out gap cover. This cover comes into effect once your medical aid has paid their portion. The gap cover pays the outstanding amount of the account.

Oh Heck, More Expense?

Because of the specialised nature of this cover, the premiums are relatively low. A basic plan costs from R195 a month when taken through Liberty. For this premium, you can cover yourself, your spouse and your dependents. However, your dependents must all be members of your medical aid.

Can Anyone Sign Up?

The only condition when it comes to Liberty is that you must all be with a registered medical aid, and your family must be a member of the same plan you are on.

Aside from that, there are no restrictions regarding age or number of dependents.

To get a FREE gap cover quote fill in the form on this page. You must belong to a registered medical aid scheme

All info was correct at time of publishing