Why Turn to Turnberry for Medical Shortfall Insurance?

Turnberry Medical Shortfall Insurance plan details

Financial problems created by medical shortfalls are easily solved by the Turnberry Medical Shortfall Insurance Plan.

The scheme covers up to 500% of the health aids upper limits and also settles all your co-payments.

Indeed, Turnberry has designed products that cover your worries about any sudden shortfalls, in the case of illness.

The plan is a cheap health policy add-on. Besides, Medical gap cover also gives its members perks of R5, 000, 000 for international travel cover.

However, it does not include theatre, medication, and ward costs, and does not cater for materials.


Turnberry Medical shortfall Insurance Plan Options

Some of the health care plans by Turnberry include

  • Cash back benefits
  • Up to 500% cover.
  • Cancer benefits
  • Co-payments and sub-limit covers.
turnberry medical shortfall insurancePro-care Option

Indeed, with this option, you receive up to 500% cover for your health treatment. Also, you get cover for the shortfall between the medical expert’s costs and the health aid rates. Moreover, wisdom teeth removal is also covered.

Further, Turnberry offers these packages.

  • Pro-care 300 pays 300%
  • Pro-care 200 pays 200%
  • And the pro care seniors that caters for members between the ages of 65 and 79.


Elect a care

The care covers in-hospital treatments. It also covers co-payments that include, scans scopes, sub-limits, dentistry, and internal prosthesis

Elect A care Senior

This package covers members between the ages of 65 and 79 plus sub-limits and co-payments fees.


Turnberry’s yearly limits are one of the best on the market and include R500, 000 per members and R 1, 500, 000 per each family member on the pro-care option. The elect a care further pays an extra R200, 000 per person or R1, 000, 000 for the family.

However, there is a three-month waiting period when signing for the policy and a further nine months for maternity, and 12 months for hysterectomies.

Medical plan covered by Turnberry

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