Medical Aid Co-Payments – How to Avoid These Payments

Medical aid co-payments tend to be one of those little bills that sneak up on you. Chances are you will not get to know anything about them until you get the bill.

And as such its too late and you are already on the hook for whatever classified portion of your medical bill as a medical co-payment.

Medical co-payments merely represent that amount of cash a medical scheme member should pay out of their pocket to cater for medical bills.

You could think of it as a deductible on your car insurance cover. As such, you are liable for the deduction and its only after this is paid that your primary insurance kicks in.

medical aid co-payments

How to Avoid Medical Aid Co-Payments

Size of Medical Aid Co-payments

The amount if co-payments is dependent on the rules that guide your health insurance plan.


It will always apply to more specialised procedures or cases where a doctor charges higher rates than the prevailing medical cover rates.

That is why it is imperative to ascertain what your medical plan will or will not pay in upfront. As such you should make a comprehensive research before settling down on a medical plan.

You can choose to settle down for a medical plan that has fewer co-payments or one without co-payments all.

The reason for finding the size of co-payments before hand is they can be quite steep. Thus, if you are dealing with a specialised treatment, then you will appreciate the value of doing the research.

Consequently, that is the reason why your medical insurance plan might not be sufficient cover for you. While that might offer temporary peace for day to day practice, you might need extra peace of mind for hospital visits.

Gap cover gives you the needed peace of mind. It covers the difference between what your medical plan covers and the actual bill.

Check out your Medical Plan Rules

While choosing a medical aid package, it is important to conduct proper research. By doing this, you understand what cover you get and what it will cost you.

Hence, compare different schemes skillfully so that as to make an informed decision, and choose what best suits your needs.

You will be searching for good offer rather than the lowest price in the package. Also, choose a scheme with a good reputation.

Besides, ensure that you establish up front what the fine print in the contract. In cases, where 100% cover is offered, get to know whether the 100% includes the entire bill or just the standard medical rates.

Knowledge is power

Finally, it is important to conduct some research on the insurance language. Get to know what the technical terms mean, so to fully understand what is in store for you.

Knowledge, as they say, is power, always remember that you are going to have a long relationship with the insurance provider and a little research could save you money and heartache.

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